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Playbouy Yachtsman 24 Restoration

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  • Playbouy Yachtsman 24 Restoration

    So, after having a season of being a boat owner under my belt, the admiral and I decided that the ski boat project we had undertaken was a bit more than we wanted to deal with, and really too small of a boat for us to be comfortable. We decided it was time for the toon life. So, we put an ad on craigslist, hoping to trade our project (but pretty solid) ski boat for a toon. We found one right before the end of the year.

    I'm excited to not mess with stern drives and fiberglass!

    So here we go.

    RIP Manta Ray aka "The Natui Pickle" (our last name is pickle)

    And here's "The Nauti Pickle II"!! My father and son make excellent models. She's a 24' Playbuoy Yachtsman.

    We knew going in we would need a motor, and brand new interior. As long as the deck was solid (it is), we can work with the rest.
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    So I cannot have a bigger boat at my house unless we cut down a tree in the side yard! Tight squeeze!

    We started the tear down Friday morning. Here she is with the hard top up. Having a hard top was a major plus for us. No canvas to rip or tear, and you can mount speakers and lights from it. Plus, having a toddler, it gives him a solid place to get out of the sun.

    And on Friday, Kasey gave me my final Christmas present. A vinyl decal of the very nauti pickle, to go on the back, along with letters for the name!!

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      Little man and mommy tearing her up.

      On Friday night, I picked up a great running 1972 65 horsepower Johnson 2 stroke. Here it is next to my 20 HP 1967 tiller steer Johnson I use on my fishing boat. I'm hoping for 20 mph with this set up and a light load.

      Prop has seen better days, but it was geared for the PO's bass boat, so I would need something better suited for the toon anyway.

      Maitlin having fun in the junk original seats.

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        Deck mostly cleared. The console and captain's seat are salvagable, and will be recovered to match our new color scheme. All other seats will be brand new.

        Our plan is to install new vinyl flooring rather than carpet. I think carpet is gross on boats, and I love the look of the faux wood decks. We will build 3 new bench seats, as well as a live well/center cushion. Then we will paint the fence, and polish all aluminum trim and the pontoon logs themselves.

        Picked up the vinyl Saturday evening.

        Started staining the tables in the new accent color.

        And how she sits right now. It's hidden in this picture, but there is actually a boat sitting there. And a Kasey.

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          Did a mockup to show kind how it's going to look, and where everything is going to be. Back bench is 84", front two are 70". All are 30" deep. In front of the fence will be fishing seats, than can be swapped for tables and a grill. Bench port side will not have a back on it, so it can be used either way.

          So there hasn't been too much exciting work, but we've been amassing materials. Our color scheme for the seats is going to be white and gray, with different shades of gray for accent. Perhaps as many as 50? HA. Dad jokes. I'll show myself out.

          We will be building the seats out of ply, 5/8" and 15/32" thickness, depending on where it is on the seats. The bases and buttrests will all be 5/8, the backrest assembly will be 15/32" , cause it will not see the stress of the buttrest and bases.

          For the bases, we will be staining them with sherwin williams exterior deck stain and sealant. It should protect the wood, (which will never get that wet, because any time the boat is not being used, it will be covered), but still allow you to see the grain, and give it more of a vintage nautical feel. The buttrest will be white vinyl, and the backrest will be white, with regular gray and metallic gray accent stripes. Should look rad af, kinda flashy, but not over the top.

          Since foam is expensive as hell, and we're trying to come up with the most baller boat possible on a budget, we've been pilfering foam from free furniture we find. The backrest of our benches will be 3" thick foam, and the bases will be 6". Stock foam was 2", and 3" respectively. This will make them similar to what you find on brand new pontoons, with masasive, cushy, overstuffed seats. We will also be making them 10" wider then they were stock, and a little longer, so there will be plenty of room to lay out, lounge, or sit.

          Here's the garage pile.

          These bases are going to look amazing with the stain on them. The grain pattern is similar to that on the vinyl flooring.

          Started work on the back bench rest last night! Kasey also made a mock up of how the completed seats will look.

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            So all day Saturday, I did some re-organizing on the garage and basement. Here is our pile of foam for the pontoon seats. My amp is off at the tech's for a retube and some mods, so my 1960 can be a table for a minute.

            My first mate inspecting the seat base. Also picked up what will be new Captain's chair for the toon. It's there on the left. The one we had is the exact same, but burgundy and cream. This new one matches our new colors, and for $25, a lot less of a headache than reupholstering the one we have. Also, our new vinyl made it in! The turquoise is left over from last year. It's all behind Maitlin's head.

            So, my family and I went to the Overland Park Boat show this weekend. It's put on by the Lake of the Ozarks dealers association, so all the big badass boats come out. We mostly went to drool over things we can never have, and check out the styling cues on higher end pontoons.

            My son and I on a toon that cost more than our house lol.

            My two favorites at the boat show. The first is a 2017 Cigarette 41 GTR with Quad Verado 400s. It was listed at 699k if I remember right. The cat on the trailer is a 2015 Skarter 426, with Merc 1350s. It was listed at $799k. Come on Powerball!!

            Maitlin was as excited about the Cigarette as I was.

            My son, father in law, and I in front of that BAD.***. Skater

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              Now back to our regurarly scheduled programming. Had some nice weather so we used it to work on the toon. Got the hard top pulled off. That thing is a chunk! Bet one could pick up a couple MPH without it on there, but I love having the fixed shade.

              Ready to be powerwashed. Gross.

              Powerwashed and magic erasered.

              Still going to need a bit of sanding to get the old decals off, but it looks 10000x better.

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                Took the monday following the boat show off to take full advantage of the 60 degree weather. Started getting the deck torn down. Fencing was the first to go.

                Bow fencing is off.

                And the rest of it.

                Pile of pontoon parts by my shed, and on the trailer for my fishing boat.

                Getting closer. Ready to start pulling trim.

                Trim all removed.

                Bare deck! The wood is solid all the way through. No soft spots. The dark areas are where I got some water yesterday while cleaning.

                She's going to be ready for her new vinyl floor! Hopefully we can have that done this coming weekend. Then it will be time to mount the motor, and start rigging/rewiring.

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                  Kept the train rolling last night. Got the backrest made for our back bench.

                  Got the rest of the crap off the deck, and the deck sealed with mold and mildew preventative. It's now ready for the new vinyl flooring to go down, hopefully next weekend, weather permitting.

                  That takes us up to this last weekend! I'll keep posting as I have updates. Hope you enjoy!
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                    Nice work so far. I'll be following along. That's great that the original deck is still that solid.
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                      Originally posted by ezmobee View Post
                      Nice work so far. I'll be following along. That's great that the original deck is still that solid.

                      I suspect it might have been replaced at some point by some owner. I haven't checked the hull ID yet, but from my best guess, the boat is mid to late 80s. Based on the condition the factory seats were in (mostly worm food), I imagine if the deck had been original, it would be in the same shape. Since the boat was last registered in 2014, and had Johnson controls but no motor, this is my guess as what happened.

                      2nd owner buys boat. Puts some screws and braces in factory seats to help prolong their pending demise. At the same time, I think they put down a new deck and carpet. I think they ran it that way til the motor shot craps, then decided it wasn't worth it to them anymore, and sold it to the guy I got it from. Just a guess, because I would be SHOCKED if that was the original 30 year old plywood floor.


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                        I'm not a toon guy but love the pics you've posted so far. Looks like you and your family having are having fun and that's what boating to me is all about. Good luck with your build, and I'll be following along because your managed to peak my interest with this great thread. ROCK ON!!
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                          Originally posted by Baylinerchuck View Post
                          I'm not a toon guy but love the pics you've posted so far. Looks like you and your family having are having fun and that's what boating to me is all about. Good luck with your build, and I'll be following along because your managed to peak my interest with this great thread. ROCK ON!!

                          Thank you sir! I never thought I would own a "minivan of the water", but here we are! I also picked up a Glastron V162 recently, so that will scratch my "sporty" boat itch until it sells. And we've really made this a family thing. Coming home from work to work on the boat together is my favorite part of the day. Someday, when I'm gone, I really hope my son can look back on these pictures and cherish these memories as much as I do.


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                            From one young (I like to think I am) dad to the next, this is AWESOME! Went in a a 'toon with a close friend last year following 1 afternoon cruise with him, my wife and 1 and half year old on my little 16' runabout. I never thought I'd own a 'toon unless I had a place on the water, but it is a great family vessel... also a great party vessel for those times you get a 'sitter for the littles.

                            If you'd like, I have a couple suggestions to share for consideration with your rebuild.

                            Most important though, is how cool it is that the whole family is involved! Keep having fun!



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                              Cool it is a family project. I just inherited a toon from my son. He replaced the floor and lost intrest. I also have no seats so going to tag along to see where this goes.