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Boating Tips - Changing the Gear Oil


  • Boating Tips - Changing the Gear Oil

    What you will need: oil pump, flat-head screw driver, oil pan and enough lube for your motor.

    As seen on the video, a quick recap of changing your motors gear lube.

    1. Raise out drive to up/out position, like when trailering.
    2. Empty monitor reservoir/tank.
    3. Remove lower & upper drain plugs, in that order.
    4. Lower out drive and let lube drain out.
    5. Pump lube until visible in upper vent hole.
    6. Replace upper vent plug.
    7. Pump lube until visible in monitor reservoir/tank.
    8. Replace lower fill plug.
    9. Top up monitor reservoir/tank.

    First step is to raise the engine to its upright position similar to its position when trailering. Removing the monitor tank on your motor comes next, remove the strap holding it in place to make this next step easier. Remove the lid and empty the tank into a container, and not on the ground. Be cautious for the surrounding wires, and make sure not to spill on anything. After emptying, put the lid back on and strap in to place so that you do not lose any parts.

    Now we move around to the out drive for step 3, which is removing the lower drain plug. Be careful when doing so, and have a bucket ready, gear lube may start to squirt out when removing the plug. Remove the drain plug using a screw driver, be careful not to lose the washer surrounding the screw. With that being done, we want to remove the upper vent plug using a screw driver. When you remove the vent plug, the lube will start flowing much more from the lower unit.

    Next step is to lower your out drive for the lube to drain out. Use a gear lube pump to fill the motor back up. Make sure you're using the proper pump for your motor, and follow the pumping directions. Most likely you will need more than one bottle of lube, and are probably wondering how you would switch them out. Put the upper vent plug back in a little bit so that air cannot enter and push the lube out. Once you have the bottles of lube switched out, remove the vent plug and continue pumping lube back in. Stop pumping when you see lube begin to flow out of upper vent plug. Once this happens, screw the plug back in so that you can pump lube into the monitor tank.

    Now that you're ready to fill up the monitor tank, remove the lid and strap holding the tank in place. Begin pumping until you see the tank fill up with the lube you have left over. After the bottle of lube has finished, place the lid and strap back on the tank. Placing the lid back on the tank locks the air in place and allows you to remove the lube pump you are using. Be careful when doing so, as some lube may still leak out. The best practice is to have your screw and washer ready in one hand, while removing the pump hose with the other.

    The final step is to top off the monitor reservoir/tank. If you have any additional questions, please be sure to check out our Boating Forums.
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