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Product Spotlights | Eleven Products for Fun & Safety


  • Product Spotlights | Eleven Products for Fun & Safety

    Seasense by Unified Marine

    The company Unified Marine has their brand of products called SeaSense. Looking at some of their products and now their Limited Lifetime Warranty maybe they should change the name to CommonSense.

    We took a quick look at some of their newer products. We're borrowing some of the catalog copy they provided, with some judicious editing. Take a look at these great products that were developed by boaters who understand what we all run in to on the water. We're highlighting these for the newsletter but we do carry a full line of the SeaSense marine products.


    Our government (EPA) has been hard at work developing more fuel tank regulations for our safety. We'll have more on that in additional articles this season.

    Newly improved and 2011 C.A.R.B. (California Air Resource Board) compliant, SeaSense's SECURESTACK Fuel Tank is a compact six-gallon, stackable fuel tank with dual handles for ease of use. It features a durable, high-density polyethylene shell, improved pick-up tube fitting and is U.S.C.G./ABYC approved. Its patented design with deep 1-1/2-inch wide, molded grooves eliminates shifting while in motion and allows for a secure tie down.

    A neat idea in the stackable design now allows two tanks to function as one by using the available universal 3/8-inch, low-permeation (another CARB thing), dual fuel line assembly. You go farther without having to stop to switch out tanks, fuel lines and possibly spill some gas on your deck.

    SECURESTACK is made in the U.S.A and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


    LED lighting helps you launch

    We've all had adventures at the launch ramp with our boat or friend's boats. And it's always much easier to have help launching but that's not always available. To help the lone launcher, SeaSense has a LED lighted warning system that tells you when your boat is in far enough for it to float.

    The LOADMATE features an adjustable float switch that allows boaters to set the proper launch/load depth for their trailer. Highly visible LED light arrangements switch from red to green when at the proper depth, signaling when it is safe.

    SeaSense has been a leader in bringing LED technology to boating and trailering. LED's draw less power and provide excellent lighting for inside the boat, navigation lights and all the lighting on your trailer. Although we don't carry their line of LED's for home, yard, office or automotive, you can find their products for those places too.


    TRAILERSENSE Trailer Tongue Jacks

    If I can kind of lift the trailer tongue a few inches when it's on the trailer ball of my vehicle, I figure it's the right tongue weight. That's not really doing it exactly right and we all know proper trailer tongue weight is important for a safe, stable drive down the road. "Do you know how to correctly measure your tongue weight" asked the boating guys at SeaSense when they were standing out in their parking lot surrounded by boats on trailers. Then they looked at each other and started looking around for a good scale to start measuring trailer tongue weight. Then one of them had an exciting idea.

    SeaSense came up with the only affordable devices on the market that instantly tell boaters when their trailer is safely loaded and in its most fuel-efficient posture for travel.The TRAILERSENSE tongue-weight combo jack is that device.

    Knowing your proper tongue weight allows for better braking, more responsive handling and an overall safer trailering experience. This exclusive, patent-pending design features a comfortable handle and is safe and simple to operate.

    The 800-pound tongue-weight combo jack measures tongue weight up to 800 pounds (it's good they named it the "800 pound jack" isn't it?) and features a heavy-duty, locking spoke-wheel assembly and black EDC corrosion-resistant finish. The 1500-pound tongue-weight combo jack measures tongue weight up to 1500 pounds (another good name) and features a 4-inch-by-8-inch, all-terrain, locking Mighty Wheel assembly and Seacoat corrosion-resistant finish.


    Revere Life Jackets

    Stay safe on the water this summer! Outfit the whole family with Revere life jackets. Liquidation life jackets on sale now! Child Life Jacket in Orange/Yellow. USCG Type III. Fits children 30-50 lbs. Includes two buckles and a leg strap. On Sale -
    Only $14.49!

    Shop all Revere Liquidation Life Jackets


    Funstation Trampoline

    Have fun on the water this summer without breaking the bank on gas! The Funstation Floating Trampoline provides hours of enjoyment for the whole family. Easy inflation with the single chamber design. Included boarding platform makes it a cinch to climb on board from the water. Anchor included.

    10' Funstation Trampoline - On sale now! $288.99! Save $111!


    Free Shipping - Pontoon Carpet!

    Shaw is one of the best known brands in carpet. With their Lakeshore and Coast Line brands they uphold their reputation for innovative, high quality, luxurious feeling products. OEM grade marine carpet is normally 14oz weight. Shaws marine carpet provides added thickness and comfort with 16 and 20oz options. Constructed of 100% polypropylene yard Shaw carpet offers a 3 year UV fade warranty, low water retention, and moisture-resistant, nonskid marine backing. 8.5' width makes this carpet perfect for pontoons and great for all other boat styles. With Free Shipping Shaw carpet has one of the lowest prices per square foot. Shaw carpet... affordable luxury.


    Fireboy Fire Suppression

    Enjoy the peace of mind of having a Fireboy Fire Extinguishing System on board! Fireboy Fire Suppression Systems are on sale now!


    Fireboy Fume Detectors

    Keep your family safe with these great fire alarms, fume detectors, and engine shutdown systems from Fireboy! All are on sale during National Boat Safety Month!

    Innovative Lighting

    Innovative Lighting manufactures some of the best quality trailer lighting in the industry. Now, with advanced LED technology you can easily upgrade your old trailering lights to new LED submersibles and enjoy how durable, cost effective and energy efficient LED lighting can be. LED's last up to 10x longer, with ratings at 100,000 hours of service life.

    With Innovative's best-selling "Trailer Tail Light Kit" you can have it all. This Kit is submersible and shock proof. Installing the kit is an easy do-it-yourself boating project that will have your trailer looking good and performing great for the boating season. The kit includes both tail lights and mounting hardware. For a full range of Innovative Trailer lighting, shop the iboats.com "Just Add Water Sales Event" and save 10-20% off.


    Lifetime Guarantee Seams on Taylor Made Covers & Biminis

    Taylor Made Products, a leading supplier of boat fenders, covers and other aftermarket accessories for the boating industry, announced earlier this year that it is now offering its boat covers and bimini tops with seams sewn with high-strength, durable TENARA thread under an authorized manufacturing agreement with W.L. Gore & Associates, maker of the famous GORE-TEX brand. The GORE TENARA Sewing Thread, which uses a patented expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePFTE) fiber technology, provides unprecedented strength and resistance to saltwater and sun exposure.

    "The average boat cover contains 50,000 stitches, and the strength of any fabric is only as good as its weakest stitch," said David Karpinski, vice president of Taylor Made Products. "Seams are traditionally the number one failure point on boat fabrics, and if even one stitch fails, the integrity of the entire product is compromised. With TENARA, we are so confident in the strength and durability of the Gore thread that we are guaranteeing the seams for the lifetime of the fabric. If the seams fail before the fabric does, we'll repair it for free." tenara_chart.jpg

    "TENARA is a long-lasting thread that enhances the life of the outdoor and marine fabrics in which it is used," said Robert Mabon, Product Specialist of W.L. Gore & Associates. "Ordinary polyester or cotton thread breaks down over time due to exposure to UV sunlight, cleaning agents, saltwater, extreme temperatures and weather conditions. GORE TENARA is not affected by any of these agents, and will outlast the life of the fabric into which it is sewn. It also has excellent color-fast qualities and will not fade or discolor even after long exposure to sunlight."

    Shop iboats.com for Taylor Made Covers & Bimini Tops featuring GORE TENARA Sewing Thread-stitched seams in Hot Shot and Ultima fabrics.

    Solas Aluminum Props prop.jpg

    It seems that every car on the road, old or new has a spare tire as standard equipment. Many of us never use our spare tire, but we would find it strange not have one available at all times. Having that spare available creates piece of mind, and wouldn't we feel funny telling people that we got stranded on the side of the road because we did not have spare available?

    Why do so many of us take to the water without a spare propeller on our boat? There is far less help available on the water and a far less likely chance of another boat passing by in a timely manner, but more of us don't have a spare prop available than those of us who do! Why?

    For a very reasonable price, we can purchase an aluminum spare propeller on iboats.com. This spare prop will not only give us the peace of mind that comes with having a "plan B", but it could also mean having the option of continuing to enjoy our well deserved day on the water. This "plan B" could be useful in a number of unfortunate circumstances which could include a spun hub or damaging our primary prop through contact with a submerged object. One other more attractive reason for having a spare propeller aboard our boat is this;
    prop exploded.jpg

    Let's say that we have a 19 pitch propeller that works great when we have a small group aboard our boat and little weight in the boat, but when we have several more people on board the boat does not perform as well. Or, if we are trying to participate in water sports the boat is sluggish to get onto plane. A great option would be to have a spare prop that was a lesser pitch (such as a 17 pitch) that would perform well under those circumstances. Now our spare prop is more than a peace of mind, it a functional part of our boating activities.

    Please contact one of iboats.com prop specialist to confirm what will be the most functional secondary propeller to keep aboard your boat.

    Solas was founded in 1985 by Dr. Solas Lin. Solas is now one of the most well known and trusted names in outboard/stern drive propellers. Their success is largely due to their commitment to superior design and craftsmanship. Solas combines world class research and design, highly skilled workers, cost-effective material sourcing, and a technologically advanced manufacturing facility to deliver the highest quality propellers to their customers.

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