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Boat Buyer's Guide | New Boat or Used Boat?


  • Boat Buyer's Guide | New Boat or Used Boat?

    It is hard to resist the attraction of an exceptionally big used boat for an exceptionally low price. You instantly imagine the thrill of overnighting or entertaining friends and family at a fraction of the cost of that same boat new. But is that investment truly less than a newer option? The answer is often no.

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    Hidden Expense
    Like used automobiles, used boats typically require some additional investment to ensure they are running well and won't leave you and your family in the embarrassing position of being stranded after a day of fun in the sun. It is important to have a used vessel carefully inspected by a marine mechanic and surveyor to ensure its seaworthiness and functionality before you buy.

    A professional inspection is extremely important when dealing with a purchase from a private individual because you may have little recourse afterward. A marine surveyor should be able to determine if the boat has suffered major damage and has been repaired, if the engine has suffered catastrophic problems and other issues that could prove costly.

    A used boat purchase from a reputable marine dealer is generally a safer bet because they hope to earn your continued business. Granted, it may cost a little more but they typically have already conducted many of the repairs you'll need done.
    So by the time you have invested in the used boat cost, added on the mechanical and structural surveys and repaired those items needing attention, buying used is not always a bargain.

    Cost of Ownership
    Let's just say you did get a great deal on a much larger used boat than you could have afforded new. Don't forget to factor in potential expenses like slip rental or storage, monthly maintenance, insurance, a new trailer, and fuel. There's nothing sadder than having a big boat that you can't afford to run!

    The add-ons can add up. Many new boats like all new Bayliner runabouts come complete with a new trailer as part of the package. That way you know you have the appropriately-sized trailer for your vessel. Having a dependable trailer is the first step to having an enjoyable day on the water. 180-bow-boarding_preview.jpg

    Newer boat designs and engines feature technological advances that quite often result in superior fuel efficiency so it can actually cost you less to operate a new boat than an older model of the same size. Your Bayliner dealer may also have service specials or storage options as part of your new boat purchase package.

    Even more important, every new Bayliner features multiple-year factory warranties on the boat and the engine so many major repairs are covered at no cost to you. Bayliner offers a lifetime limited hull warranty on all of its sport boats and a five-year limited hull warranty on its cruiser models. That is not the case with most used boats. If the seller claims the boat has a transferable warranty, we suggest you check with the manufacturer to confirm it is transferable and to ascertain if there is a transfer fee. Be aware that some customer installed options can invalidate a factory warranty.

    Float A Loan
    Another advantage to purchasing a new vessel is the greater accessibility of loans- generally at lower rates and possibly longer terms than loans for used product. Your Bayliner dealer has access to a host of marine lenders who specialize in competitive rates for new and used boat loans.

    Buying a new Bayliner gives you the full support of your local dealer who is committed to making you a happy customer for life - keeping your boat serviced, hosting on-water events, and taking your calls months or years down the road when you need assistance. It's highly unlikely a private seller will be there for you long after your check clears. In addition, many dealers place their customers as priority in service versus those who purchased elsewhere, meaning it may take you longer to get a boat serviced if you buy from an individual.

    If buying new is just not in the cards for you, your Bayliner dealer also has access to demonstration units and trade-in models that can help you get into a slightly used boat while still enjoying dealer support. Ultimately, your Bayliner dealer wants you to enjoy boating so much that you'll be back to buy an even bigger model when the time comes.

    Do The Math
    Boating is supposed to be fun. It is an opportunity to commune with nature, to reacquaint yourself with your family, or to re-capture your youth among friends. Having a reliable boat and engine can mean the difference between a weekend you'll remember forever and one you'd like to forget. Buying a new boat removes some of the risk of mechanical failure and financial exposure you may encounter with a used boat. Ultimately, there's significant value in the peace-of-mind associated with the reliability a new Bayliner affords and the support of your local dealer when your friends and family are on board.

    This article is courtesy of Bayliner boats. Visit your local dealer to discover why Bayliner has been the leading manufacturer of runabouts in the United States for - not just years- but for decades! Bayliner offers a wide selection of quality boats from which to choose at affordable prices. It is the smart choice compared not only to used boats but to other new boat brands as well. Get the most for your money with Bayliner.
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