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Top Boating Movies


  • Top Boating Movies

    Boats are not only an interesting way to get to the other side across an ocean or a lake, they have become important objects in the movie industry with some of the most successful movies being based on boats and boating activities. There is a great thrill in watching and in acting a movie that is based on the water with the boat or ship being the main attraction that provides that awesome backdrop. Here are some of the top boating movies that have done exceptionally well in the film industry.


    There is no way this movie can lack a top position in any list of top boating movies ever made. Released in 1997, titanic went a head to become one of the best movies based on a ship as well as bag a lot of million dollars in sales. The tragedy that sunk the unsinkable' ship turned out to be a success when told in a romantic perspective. What's more is that Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio did the movie a lot of justice and the story line was a magnet that attracted viewers and of course the money. Up to date Titanic is still considered the top boat movies to have ever graced the screens.

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


    This is probably one of the funniest yet thrilling boating movies. Since the release of the movie, Johnny Depp, who played the role of the mischievous, ever drunk but witty captain became a more popular individual in the film world. Captain Jack sparrow became a household name and this led to other movies with the same name but different settings. When you talk about pirate movies, the fights, the ships, the magic and the humor, one movie comes to mind, Pirates of the Caribbean. Though the following sequels were not as thrilling as the Curse of the black pearl, the movie did very well.

    Under Siege

    The legendary Steven Seagal took the role of a cook onboard USS Missouri and stirred up a storm when the bad guys tried to hijack the weapons of the ship and sell them. What they did not know is that Seagal was not a cook but a highly skilled and trained ex Navy SEAL. The action in the movie and the setting on the water must have been a great watch for movie enthusiasts that the movie was a big deal in the 90s all over the world. Of course this lead to Seagal getting other equally interesting roles but this was one of the best boating movies back then and is still among the best golden oldies.

    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

    This is a seafaring epic movie by Peter Wier. The movie is about a crew led by Paul Bettany and Russell and revolves around the violent storms and the drama in the sea. The movie would have scooped a lot of awards if it wasn't for the release period which rhymed with the Load of the Rings, which was a big deal. None the less, master and Commander managed to bear the flag of one of the best boating movies which led to the demand for another sequel which is yet to materialize.

    The Perfect Storm

    There is something magical about boats and storms that ends up in a great film. The perfect storm is about a crew of fishermen lead by George Clooney. They head out for a trip in the deep seas when their boat is dramatically caught in tempestuous seas and violent winds combined with all kinds of bother. The movie was based on a true story which might have contributed to its success in the box office.

    The Poseidon Adventure

    Again, boats and storms and troubled waters seem to be the deal of the day when it comes to movies. The SS Poseidon, in this movie, runs to rough waters, aboard, is Rev Frank Scott who prays asking God to help him in delivering the survivors into the hands of the rescue team.

    Well, this might be the end of this particular list but below the above movies are thousands of other top boating movies based on income generated and popularity among many movie lovers.

    What is your favorite boating movie?
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