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  • The RXT-X300 By Sea-Doo

    The RXT-X300 By Sea-Doo

    By BRP Media 300 Horsepower... 0-60MPH in 7 Seconds... 60-0 in 5 Seconds... WOT 72 MPH!!! There are few, three passenger watercraft that can do just that. And they're all made by Sea-Doo. Late last fall iboats.com and other media were treated to an exhibit of PWC performance only dreamt of by the competitors of Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) Sea-Doo division. You don't turn down an invitation from the top PWC manufacturer and the preeminent four stroke PWC engine manufacturer that suggests you'll see something totally new for the PWC arena with a promise you will be i...
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  • Mineral Oil vs Synthetic Oil

    Mineral Oil vs Synthetic Oil

    By Jim Self Marine Engine Oil is one of the most controversial topics with marine mechanics and boat owners today. It can be especially contentious when it comes to OEM vs. aftermarket products and about the manufacturer's requirements. These are confusing topics for many boat owners and particularly in the marine industry, there's a lot of rhetoric. This is primarily because some oil manufacturers and marketers have made a lot of inaccurate and self-serving claims. Most of this rhetoric is fairly opinionated to get you to remain loyal to a particular brand and in some cases insinuate that you may be risking your warranty coverage if you depart from an OEM branded product. As far as warranty coverage, you are protected by the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. As long as you use an oil that meets the specifications laid out by the particular engine manufacturer you can rest assured you are not risking coverage. In the marine industry the National Marine Man...
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  • Power Inverters

    Power Inverters

    Inverter generators are perfect for boating, camping, RV travels, tailgating or other backup power needs. With these easy-to-transport portable generators, you can enjoy your electronics or small appliances with a quieter power solution compared to traditional camping generators. Inverter generators are a recent development and utilize a different type of alternator than standard generators to generate AC power. These are generally 3-phase generators that output AC current like most traditional generators, but that current is then converted to DC, and then "inverted" back to clean AC power. The raw power produced is converted from DC to AC power by a computer controlled inverter module. The inverter also smoothes and cleans the power to make it high quality. A special microprocessor controls the entire process, as well as the speed of the engine. The engine speed varies depending on the electrical demand, which significantly reduces noise and fuel consumption compared to a standard portable. Smooth Backup Power that's safe for sensitive electronics. With the DC power being inverted back into clean AC power at the desired frequency and voltage, the system products consistent and reliable power independent of the engine speed. The result is clean power that is essentially the same quality you get from the electric company. Clean enough power to run even the most sensitive electronic equipment. ...
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  • Why Sierra?

    Why Sierra?

    Sierra quality products are backed by the industry leading limited lifetime warranty and have been the leading supplier of marine engine and drive parts for over 35 years offering more than 6000 products. Sierra warranties all their parts to be free of defects for the life of the part. If a Sierra product fails due to a manufacturing defect during the normal life of the part, Sierra will pay for replacement of the defective part, any incidental damage caused by the defective part, plus any haul out or towing involved. The warranty does not cover failures due to abuse, misuse or modifications to the part. Normal life of the part is considered standard accepted interval befo...
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  • Keep Your Ice For Twice As Long!

    Keep Your Ice For Twice As Long!

    AO Coolers first introduced the soft sided cooler over 25 years ago and using the highest quality materials, they have perfected this leak proof, soft sided cooler. Available in multiple sizes (from a 12 pack to a 48 pack) and 4 different models ranging from the standard canvas series to the eye catching carbon series. AO Coolers has the perfect cooler for you whether you are on the water, hunting, or even hitting an outdo...
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  • Choose the Right Kayak!

    Choose the Right Kayak!

    Here at iboats.com we carry several different brands of kayaks for you to enjoy. The brands we carry have earned their reputation for being the best in the industry. Shop brands like Ocean Kayak or Old Town. There are a few important things to think of when selecting the right kayak. How will you transport it? Do you have roof racks or a truck? How much weight can you li...
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  • Hawk Epoxy - The Premier Choice

    Hawk Epoxy - The Premier Choice

    By Sea Hawk Paints The Innovative Epoxy System from a Leader in the Marine Building and Repair Industry Building and repairing fiberglass structures is a demanding process that requires strict adherence to proper procedures. Hawk Epoxy, manufactured by Sea Hawk Paints, a division of New Nautical Coatings, Inc., is an easy to use, low-viscosity, low blush epoxy system that makes building and repair jobs a breeze. This state-of-the-art system is for building and repairing boats, planes, surfboards, canoes, and many other substrates. There are also a multitude of home construction and repair projects perfectly suited for the Hawk System. The foundation of the system is the R1 Epoxy Resin which fulfills a...
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  • From Drawing board to TV Commercial - New Minn Kota Trolling Motor

    From Drawing board to TV Commercial - New Minn Kota Trolling Motor

    By Minn Kota You've seen the commercial. A guy backs his boat up into the lake, launching it solo from his truck. As the boat begins to slide off the trailer into the water, he casually leans out the driver's side door and presses a button on a hand-held remote. As the boat continues to drift out, the trolling motor deploys itself and then holds his boat in place as he pulls away to park. That is the Minn Kota Ulterra with Auto Stow and Deploy and Power Trim offer truly hands-free operation from start to finish, from anywhere on (or off!) your boat. And now it's available in the corrosive-resistant strength and durability of Minn Kota's Riptide saltwater line. All that control can be done at the push of a button from the remote control that is part of Minn Kota's i-Pilot GPS navigation system, which comes pre-installed on every Riptide Ulterra model. The i-Pilot system gives you complete control of speed and steering, plus the ability to record and retrace paths, electronically anchor onto a fishing spot with Spot-Lock, stay precisely on ...
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  • Suzuki Maintenance Kits

    Suzuki Maintenance Kits

    New to iboats are the Complete maintenance kits for Suzuki Engines. These kits feature OEM original parts from Suzuki, so you will get the quality of original parts straight from the manufacturer. Make maintaining your engine easy with the all-inclusive kit that has everything you need to keep your engine running smooth. Kits are available for specific engines so you know that you are getting the right product. Order yours today to get ready for the season! Kits are available for these Suzuki Models. ...
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  • Choosing Replacement Exhaust Components

    Choosing Replacement Exhaust Components

    By Quality Mark Inc. The beginning of the boating season-the time of year that brings a mix of joy and apprehension for boat owners. All of us are the same, you cross your fingers when uncovering your boat hoping that all your efforts during the winterization process paid dividends. If you are fortunate, you are able to do some light cleaning and general maintenance and off to the lake. If you are unfortunate, you can be in for some time, energy and money to get your boat in tip top shape. While the task can seem daunting, careful examination and inspection of your watercraft at the beginning of the year can result in a long and enjoyable boating season. For those of you that own an I/O or inboard powered boat, one of the main concerns centers around the condition of the exhaust components. These large cast-iron engine accessories are essential to the proper cooling and exhaust removal on any powerplant. At first glance, these components seem to be simple but they ...
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