Hello Well looked at a 2 cycle 1997 80hp Yamaha motor today, and the seller said that the main vertical tilt/trim rod seal needs to be replaced, b/c it is leaking some fluid. He replaced the lower 2 seals, but the main one in the back, he never got around around to. Now my question is,is this a easy job that a home marine mech. can tackle? Does a clymer repair manual cover this in good detail? Where would I find just that seal, or do i have to order a entire seal kit? Another thing I saw that buggeed me was that two nuts that hold the powerhead to main lowerunit housing were rusted . Did Yamaha use nuts that were to rust, even if they were exposed to the weather? Should I be worried that these rusted bolts may mean a abused motor? PLEASE anyone reply to help me!!! I'm counting on yall techs for help. RCobb in SC