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    Default help 2007 yamaha f115

    im looking to buy a used boat with a 2007 f115 when i went test run the boat they had a alarm go off and reduced rpms. when tried to get on plane. the guy im buying it from brought to the shop and said it was a loose ground under the console. ive had 2 strokes but this is my first 4 stroke does this sound right would a loose grond cause this ??other than the motor run fine

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    Default Re: help 2007 yamaha f115

    No! That alarm is there to tell you something has gone wrong with the engine and needs to be serviced. Water pump, engine oiling :etc. Others here can tell you more but don't buy it like it is. If it is a 2007 it can be hooked up to a computer and check fault codes. Did it have water coming from the tell tale indicating water pump was operating?
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    Default Re: help 2007 yamaha f115

    depending on WHAT ground was loose. possibly.
    highly doubt it.
    take it on another seatrial.
    if it cannot maintain at least 5500 RPM for at least 20 minutes take a pass.
    no tech questions by PM, they wont get answered.
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