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    Default First Slalom Ski

    Another newbie here, looking for advice!

    I'm new to water skiiing, at the tender age of 43. So far, after a few sessions, I'm pretty comfortable on 2 skis & I've decided it's time to take the plunge and try a single ski. Reading the learner ski post at the top of this forum was certainly interesting & I'm anticipating some face plants trying out the deep water starts, but hey, got to start sometime...

    Can anyone advise on a good choice for a first ski? I'd like to get something that will last me well into intermediate ability as they're not cheap (here in Australia we pay nearly double the US price). I was thinking maybe the Connelly Outlaw as hopefully the hybrid shape will give me a bit of stability but also reasonable performance. What do you think?

    By the way, I thought I'd posted this earlier today, but it seems to have disappeared, so apologies if I'm duplicating.

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    Default Re: First Slalom Ski

    first learn buy getting up on 2 skis, then then lift up on one ski at a time, get the feel of which leg you want forward, (some people are right footed, some left) when you decide, which is front. use the slalom on the front foot, and a regular on the other, with the boot loose on your foot, now start learning to slalom, by dropping the loose ski. learn to do this, before trying a deep start. you will be much better off. have the spotter in the boat, note where you dropped the ski, for later retrieval.
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    Try an HO Comp Freeride. It's wider, got a keel for rougher water, but will still carve with the best of them. I don't ride my connelly concept anymore. Whenever I bring my HO out, experienced skiers are always impressed with the range of skiing you can do with it. Check one out.

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    Default Re: First Slalom Ski

    Someone once posted about finding your dominant foot,
    Try sliding in socks across a smooth floor and notice which foot naturally leads...

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    Default Re: First Slalom Ski

    Quote Originally Posted by aerospot View Post
    Someone once posted about finding your dominant foot,
    Try sliding in socks across a smooth floor and notice which foot naturally leads...
    Or the others I have heard. Push someone from behind and see which foot comes out first to stabilize them. #2 Have them punt a dodge ball for football. That kicking leg is surely their dominant leg.


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    Default Re: First Slalom Ski

    Kind of an old post to be replying to isn't it?
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