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    Default Trim/ Tilt not working help

    So i just bought a 1991 Glastron 19' with a 230A volvo penta inboard/outboard motor. well the trim or tilt does not work . When i hit the trim down button i can hear the hydraulic pump come on but the motor doesnt move, when i hit the other buttons (trim up, tilt up or down) the pump doesnt even come on it does nothing . what is going on here? Im new to inboard /outboard. My last boat was an outboard which in my eyes is simple compared to this one...... I would appreciate if some could explain what the tilt does? And i dont even kno where to start for the trim or tilt not working? So some help would be great.

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    Default Re: Trim/ Tilt not working help

    Hi Dmaxx85

    Have you checked your hydraulic fluid level for the trim? It is located near the transom in the bilge area.

    Check all circuit breakers and fuses. I know in later years Volvo has a circuit breaker button located on top of the motor, in the far back near the transom that is, in most cases, very hard to reach or even find. Check your manual for locations of these as well.
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    Default Re: Trim/ Tilt not working help

    On mine which is likely different there are two switches for the trim. One on each side of throttle lever. One is to just trim while moving, the other, or when you hold them together it makes the drive move up and down entire way. You actually have to hold both of them to make the drive move up and down all of the way.

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    Default Re: Trim/ Tilt not working help

    Ok so i went out and found the circuit breaker on the side of the motor it was a red button with the number 40 on it i pushed that in and it stayed in so then turned the key on and held the tilt and trim up button at the same time and it started to lift the motor once it got to the top i hit down on both buttons and it went back down so that was a relief i feel a lot better now knowing that it works. I still have a couple questions should the tilt and trim up/down buttons work separately? Cause at this point it only works when i hold both buttons. Also what kind of Hydraulic? fluid do i use in the pump reservoir ? Thanks

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