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Thread: Gas Tank Size

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    I bought a used 2000 VIP Victory and the gas gauge does not work. First question is how many gallons does the tank hold? Second, what is the most likely problem with my gas gauge?


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    I have A 2001 Victory,21ft. that I bought new and the gas tank is listed as 39gal.

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    What engine do you have?? My 19 footer has a 26 gallon tank. Check wiring, ground, and the two connections that go from the gauge to the sender on top of the tank. Mine was unhooked. Took about 5 seconds to fix.

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    If you have a square or rectangular tank, measure the dimensions--length, width, height. Come up with cubic inches.

    Then, go on ******** or other places that sell square/rectangular fuel tanks, and they'll give you the dimensions and gallons. Compare cubic inches of the tanks and you should be able to compute the gallons.

    If you have a tank under the hull, or a v shaped custom tank for your boat--your SOL. New tank floats and gauges are easily purchased--if you cannot trouble shoot your present gauge problem.

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