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    Default Trophy 1952 vs. 2052

    I am pretty new to boating. I have a bayliner 185 bowrider and it is great in lake washington and on calm days in puget sound. my wife and i want to explore the sound a bit more so are looking for a more stable boat, but not too big as we have limited storage. I do not fish, but really like the rugged nature of the trophy's. I will probably try my hand at fishing and crabbing, but my wife and i will mainly use it for cruising the sound with an occasional overnight or two.
    My question is this. How do the two boats handle in rough water? I do not plan on going out when it is nasty, but know that we will eventually get caught by surprise and have to deal with it. I worry that the 1952 is a bit small, but read that it handles pretty well. Will there be much of a difference between the two
    I have also read that the 1952 "fishtails" at low speed. Does this make it difficult to handle at low speed? Finally, I have read that the shallow deadrise of the 1952 may provide a harsh ride at speed in choppy water.
    I would truly appreciate any and all information!
    hopeless in seattle ...

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    Default Re: Trophy 1952 vs. 2052

    Well, I am not neutral here since I have a 2006 mod 2052.

    I am verry happy with that boat i rough water, and would go for the 2052(Now 2152) since:

    Deadrise is 19 degrees (17 on 1952)
    LOA 21'7" instead of 19'1".

    A longer boat normally behaves better in rough waves than a shorter boat.
    2 degrees deadrise is quite a big difference.

    Good luck with your decision

    Trophy 2052, mod 2006, 1.7l CMD, Norway

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    Default Re: Trophy 1952 vs. 2052

    Longer boat and deeper deadrise will make for a smoother ride, and easier handling in rough water...

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