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    Default Trailer tire wear and maintenance

    I have a 17 foot aluminum center console with a 4stroke 115 and a 30 gallon fuel tank on a single axle aluminum trailer. I would not consider the boat heavy. I always use trailer tires, specifically, ST205/D14's. I find the both tires seem to wear excessively on the inside and outside underneath but not in the middle. I just put 2 new tires on in the beginning of Aug 2008 and have since put 4-6K miles on them. They are showing a fair amoutn of wear already. The tires are rated at 1760 lbs at 50psi. I keep them between 42 to 45 psi. Also, they are not balanced. I have a few quesions concerning the tires: How many miles do good/decent trailer tires last? What is causing the inside/outside wear pattern and how can I get hem to wear more evenly and last longer? Should trailer tires be balanced (my tire guy said it was not necessary)? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Trailer tire wear and maintenance

    No wear in the center means your tires are underinflated.

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    Default Re: Trailer tire wear and maintenance

    What he said and I like mine balanced.

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    Default Re: Trailer tire wear and maintenance

    Also you need to:
    a. Find the actual weight of your loaded boat and trailer. You can take the whole rig to a scale and find this out.
    b. You have already found the max pressure and weight listed on the side of your tire. Compare this weight rating with the newly weighed rig.

    You do inflate the tires to the max pressure shown on he sidewall.

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    Default Re: Trailer tire wear and maintenance

    Trailer tires should always be inflated to the maximum pressure on the sidewall (50 PSI in your case). As was pointed out, underinflation is the reason your tires are wearing.

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