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    Default Toyota FJ Cruiser towing capacity

    Anyone have experience with an FJ cruiser? It is rated at 5000 lbs towing capacity. I believe my boat and trailer will be right at 5000 lbs. I understand that the 5000 lbs does not include extra passengers, etc.

    I am considering the FJ 4x4 as a new vehicle. But, given teh specs, it is right on the edge. Anyone have experience pulling a boat and in particular pulling a boat out of the water with an FJ?

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    Default Re: Toyota FJ Cruiser towing capacity

    i wouldn't want to pull a 5000lb boat on that short wheel base. i have the same size and tow it with a Surburban 1500 5.7L i also have brakes on all 4 wheels.
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    Default Re: Toyota FJ Cruiser towing capacity

    Does the 5000 pounds include the weight of the fuel, engine (if an outboard), batteries, and gear? You can quickly add another 750 - 800 pounds if it doesn't. The FJ would not be my choice for a tow vehicle for that much weight. You won't have a problem pulling the boat out of the water since it has low range on the transfer case (I think), but if you need to tow any freeway or hilly terrain, you will likely find the engine and tranny very busy and your fuel economy will suffer accordingly.

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    Default Re: Toyota FJ Cruiser towing capacity

    Pulling it out of the water will not be a problem, unless you are on a terrible ramp. FYI: with a 5000lb boat you should never consider using a bad ramp.
    So don't worry too much about the ramp. Worry about being able to stop when some a-hole cuts you off... or swerving to miss some debris on the road.

    Yes your tow rating will decrease by the load in the vehicle. I would go to the Toyota web site and check it out, also get your boat weighed. It's really hard to know what it weighs loaded and on the trailer.

    I would get a tahoe, expedition or durango (hemi) for that size boat. It's always nice to have more towing capacity then you are going to use.

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    Default Re: Toyota FJ Cruiser towing capacity

    Thanks for the input. You were certainly right. Since my boat is new I did not have experience pulling a 5K pound boat. I borrowed a Dodge Ram pick up with 5.7L engine. After pulling the boat with that, I would not try it with an FJ cruiser. I need to look at something much bigger.

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    Default Re: Toyota FJ Cruiser towing capacity

    My Tundra pulls my 24' Maxum (about 4,500 lbs) and trailer pretty good. So if you like Toyota's, may want to look at them.

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    Default Re: Toyota FJ Cruiser towing capacity

    I Tow my 19ft v8 Glastron Sx 195 (4,300 lbs & a medium size rv sometimes! with the Fj cruiser 4x4 One word for this vehicle AMAZING! super Reliable & strong! & its an amazing off road vehicle!

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    Default Re: Toyota FJ Cruiser towing capacity

    1) This thread is 5 years old
    2) If your glastron weighs 4300lbs on the trailer then you have a lot of water in the foam or you are carrying bags of cement in there
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