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    Default How do you change a bearing buddy

    Ive seen the kit is it a matter of putting a new kit in or is there a procedure to go through thanks

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    Default Re: How do you change a bearing buddy

    You should be able just to pull the old one off with a big pair of channel locks.The new one just taps on easy with a hammer or rubber mallet.

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    Default Re: How do you change a bearing buddy

    Make sure you have the right sizeof bearing buddy. Use a dial caliper to make sure. Take a flat bladed screwdriver and place the tip between the ridge on the bearing buddy and the outer face of the spindle and tap the other end of the screwdriver with a hammer. When the bearing buddy moves out the distance of the thickness of the screwdriver blade, repeat the operation all around the circumfrence of the bearing buddy. Then take said screwdriver and twist it in the newly acquired slot to pull the bearing buddy further out of the spindle. It should fall into you hand after a couple of trys of prying.

    To put one back in, carefully line up the rim of the bearing budy to the chamfer of the wheel spindle. While holding it there with one hand gently tap the bearing buddy with a light hammer in the direction that you want to seat the bearing buddy. Walk the tapping all around the rim of the bearing buddy until the flange is driven home. Grease the buddy per specs and motor on.

    If these insrtuctions are to obtuse or too complicted the a local filling station can help you out. Watch them and you will get an idea as to how it is done.

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    Default Re: How do you change a bearing buddy

    I just use a rubber mallet {or a short piece (15" long) of 2" x 4" lumber** and hit the bearing buddy as close to the end as possible. Work your way around the bearing buddy and it will work its way out. It works for me. I also use the rubber mallet to install the new bearing buddy. Make sure it is aligned and gently drive it home.

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    Cool Re: How do you change a bearing buddy

    I use Al's method as well. Why are you replacing the BB? If you lost one, or you needed to replace the bearing or grease seal, you will need to pack/repack the bearing by hand.

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