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    Default converting boat trailer to flatbed

    has anyone ever converted a boat trailer into a flatbed? i have a trailer that had a 16 foot boat on it. its not a roller so im thinking build a deck out of pressure treated wood and bolt it right on. i want to make it around 8 feet wide so it would be wide enough for two snowmobiles side by side. im getting the trailer form my camp in maine tomorrow and i will post pics of the whole project. anyone have any advice or opinions?

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    Default Re: converting boat trailer to flatbed

    The super structure of the deck should always be made of steel or aluminum. This is for safety, as wood can break and suffers imperfections that might cost you the loss of one or both of the snowmobiles being hauled.

    The, IMO, biggest factor to consider is weight. IE: the weight of the items being towed. This relates to the weight rating of the trailer itself, as in what is the trailer rated for now. Because, adding a steel\aluminum deck support, plus the wood deck, plus the weight of the towed items could exceed the rating of the trailer.

    That being said, I have seen this type of conversion done very successfully. Its a matter of not cutting corners, doing things right the first time and ending up with a safe usable product. In other words, take your time to plan it out, and go for it.
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    Default Re: converting boat trailer to flatbed

    What you are going to run into is the axle will be in the wrong place (too far back) so with two sleds aboard, the trailer will be very "tongue heavy". Boat trailers with a boat on them have most of the weight bias rearward because that's where the engine is. With sleds, the weight will all be forward. You can certainly do what you want to do, but the axle will need to move forward for proper tongue weight and towing.

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    Default Re: converting boat trailer to flatbed

    I have converted a couple trailers to uses they were not intended for , and yours should work out fine if you stay within the axle rating.

    I agree with Silvertip about the tongue weight- that will take a bit of working out, but not too bad to move the axle around to get the right tongue weight, presuming the axle and its related parts are not welded on.
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    Default Re: converting boat trailer to flatbed

    After I wrecked my Ranger boat, I took the hull to the landfill and kept the trailer. I took 2X2 angle to make a frame, added a couple more cross members, and put a top rail around it. Pulled it to Canada 2 times loaded and 1 time to California with a 4X4X8 box loaded. It pulled very easy with no problems. As mentioned before it will be tongue heavy. Three years ago a cabinet maker seen it and talked me out of it. He still uses it to haul cabinets on, and his tools. I tried to buy it back and he wouldn't sell it. I have been looking for another boat trailer to do the same thing with. They make great utility trailers and are easier to back than store bought trailers. I say go for it.

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    Default Re: converting boat trailer to flatbed

    the axle is bolted on using u bolts so it should be an easy move. i have a dumpster and i think i should be able to crush the boat up with my bobcat to get rid of it that way. as soon as i have the boat off the trailer ill post pics so you can see what i am dealing with. Thanks For The Help!

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