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    Default Funny thing happened yesterday.........

    Emailed back & forth with a guy from C-List about a pair of downriggers I was interested in.
    Guy gives me his number & says to call.
    Talk about the downriggers for a few minutes with this nice gentleman when the subject (invariably) turns to boats, & he tells me about the project he is working on........... a Starcraft of course!
    So we go on about the Starcrafts how each of us is on our 3rd one, love them, best thing since sliced bread, you know the typical Starcraft owner talk.
    I set up to go look at the downriggers, & head over after work.
    I walk into his shop, & there it is........ a nice 16 SS!
    Obviously I check the DR's, but we talk about the boats more.
    After a bit of discussion, I find out that his boat is the exact one that I had told the owner I wanted last year & then got a runaround from the guy.
    Truman ended up with a nice 16SS for a couple hundred bucks!

    I just emailed him the links to here, since I of course asked if he had been here and he hadn't. But was very interested.

    Hopefully he signs up & joins in.

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    Default Re: Funny thing happened yesterday.........

    So the guy with the DRs for sale stole your SS right out from under you? I know that's not how it went down. I went through a similar thing with my Nassau. The guy wouldn't budge on $ and de-listed on CL and tried to get even more $ locally. After a month I saw it on CL again for half his original asking price and exactly what I offered the first time. Wasted a month and ended up with the result I wanted - I was a Starmadian. Life is funny at times.

    Hope we get a new tinny member. Did you pick up the DRs, Dawg?
    Sent using a tin can and a piece of string. A technological breakthrough. The tin can is a 1966 Starcraft Nassau powered by a 1966 Merc 500.

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