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    Default 1994 115 hp OMC Four Winns Fling turbojet winterizing problem

    Hi all-- new to the forum. Seems appropriate to post here for the engine on my 1994 Four Winns Fling, as everyone says it's a cross application of an Evinrude/ Johnson OB, converted to an IB with Four Winns to use in this boat..

    I winterized the boat 2 years ago. I thought I put the cooling hoses back on properly-- famous last words. Obviously I did not. I am now on vacation without my engine manual that I had originally followed to winterize. The motor overheated. I caught it in time--( I pray)-- I found that I left the main cooling hose OFF. This runs from the sand strainer and loops around to the left ( as I'm kneeling in the seats, bent over the engine compartment.) I originally did not hook this line up, and it was laying on the engine compt floor. I now hooked it up to the port on the engine block ( I'm pretty sure it goes here.

    Now I have a short ( 10-12" piece of hose that attaches to the bottom of the exhaust -- but unsure where the other end goes !!!!! ** I originally had this hose with one end on the lower exhaust and the other on the port on the engine block ( which is obviously wrong).

    I looked all over and felt around the engine best I can-- I cannot find any other port to hook this other end of this coolant hose up to.

    I looked all over the net for a diagram-- none found. Now is the time to get my boat in the water, get these cooling hoses hooked up right, and make sure my boat runs properly, as I have help to tow if needed ( like at the 1 st overheat).

    Can anyone help ?????????
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    Default Re: 1994 115 hp OMC Four Winns Fling turbojet winterizing problem

    TEBOW Country

    Please, NO PM's (Private Messages) regarding boat/engine problems. they will not be answered.
    That is what these forums are for. Post your questions, in the appropriate Forum.

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    Default Re: 1994 115 hp OMC Four Winns Fling turbojet winterizing problem

    Looking at the motor from inside the boat. By bottom of exhaust are you referring to the hose coming off the lower end of the muffler? That hose connects directly below to the starboard side of the adaptor. Probably just conveniently located behind your fuel fill tubing.

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