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    Re: Advice for backing up with small trailer

    I have guide posts on the rear of my trailer, and can see them when backing up, works great.
  2. Re: stainless prop for 2003 lund mod v 50 hp merc.

    You say seems to be right at 5200 rpms, is that real tach reading?
  3. Re: Hmmm tax return, new Taurus 357, Glock 9 or 45 and a new tattoo???

    Glock 22 gen4, and have xdm 9 compact, both are great guns. although the Glock is still my favorite.
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    Re: Collision band fixing/replacing

    Dish soap will help lube it too.
  5. Re: Is there a good website to purchase rope/line?

    If you want to have both the bow line and stern line in hand, and get out of the boat at the stern, or bow, you will have control of both the bow and stern. Also if you have a mid ship cleat, you can...
  6. Re: Is there a good website to purchase rope/line?

    I would have at least two lines as long as the boat, and 3/8 should do the job fine.
  7. Re: Help!!! gas smell and found puddle in cab what could it be

    Pictures will help us help you. I never heard of an access point into a fuel cell inside a cabin before. How long have you had the boat, is it new to you. I would drain the fuel cell from where it...
  8. Re: what is the best LED tail light brand and style

    I have to agree on Wesbar, they have been making trailer and truck light setups for longer then I remember, and have always had a great reputation.
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    Re: Which SS prop for 90HP Johnson?

    The fast way to tell if you have a V6 gear case is , the prop, will be a 15 spline, were as a standard V4 gear case is 13 spline. And in general a V4 prop will generally come in an 13inch dia, more...
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    Re: Which SS prop for 90HP Johnson?

    Pictures of the prop, bottom, cav plt measurement from bottom. One thing you can do is, reset the pulse on the back of the tach. I think 6 is where it should be, rotate it back and forth a few...
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    Re: Got a question on trailer rims size..

    Most times I have seen FORD 4.5 Dia.
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    Re: Cartoon.No rods??

    Boat keys NEVER leave the boat, EVER ! Spare set in glove box, key in ignition swich. If its in the gargage, driveway, or docked overnight, in the water. The Admiral (Joanne) asked once about the...
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    Re: evinrude 8hp prop help.

    As far as I know 1988 had a splined shaft, if yours doesnt, the maybe some along the way swiched out the lower unit, with a pin drive. Im not sure if this can be done. Pictures of the inside of the...
  14. Re: 18 ft Bow rider storage during winter, worth shrink wrapping?

    The spiders, are always going to be a problem. Under bow cushons, and in storage areas. I have used a mix of bleach, and water, about 10to15% beach, and sparyed those areas, also I have used the home...
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    Re: Browning Marine Boat

    Are there numbers, outside the bow area? Those would be the reg numbers, most states, you can look them up, to find info. Other wise you could have problems getting paper in your name. I have read to...
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    Re: Towing phenomena

    The engine bolts came loose? If they did, they werent tight to start with. I would be not towing, or boating until you make sure everything is tight, with proper fasteners. Towing on any road, use of...
  17. Re: Need help in identifying vintage MFG 13 foot outboard

    Welcome, nice looking vintage boat. Never seen a Boat Tag, like that. Any other members seen one? I think your best bet is look up the reg numbers, with the state. If shes solid, you shouldnt have a...
  18. Re: Winterizing.."ok" to change the oil/filter every other year, or best to chnge yea

    Oil is what protects, all the rotating, and moving parts in the motor. Most times its protecting under extrem conditions, like on the power stroke. Oil has come a long way in the past 30 years, but...
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    Re: Favorite Pics - Post 'Em

    Dragon Fly
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    Re: 1979 115 mariner bought with no prop

    What was on the boat before, and how did it work out. We need WOT rpm and gps speed, with a light load. I would say an 17 or 19 pitch. Im not sure about the yamie props. Here on IBoats you can get a...
  21. Re: Winterizing - storing you battery in the boat

    I store my boat, and Harley, at work inside a seactioned off room. It never gets below 50degF, Although I used to leave batteries in, and on a float charger. Last year the Fire Dept came through, to...
  22. Thread: She's home!

    by etracer68

    Re: She's home!

    Nice boat, Although I dont think Merc or any other marine motor, ever used HEI's. At least I never seen them. To be sure there marine saftey rated, there should be a hole 3/8 to 1/2 diameter in the...
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    Re: kicker motor choices

    I troll on the big lake (Lake Michigan), and use a double scissor ( alot more stable then single) type bracket, and have no problems with the motor bouncing around while under way. I also use a short...
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    Re: Boat cover vs. shrink wrap

    I have to agree with, wrapping it , with vents. Vents, done right will not leak, and still let air move in and out.
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    Re: My first boat video :)

    Nice, in my opinon, nothing brings down the blood presure, then a nice ride, or just bobing on the hook.
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    Re: Bought a used boat, now what do I need?

    Docking lines, in my opinon should be at least the lenth of the boat. 3/8 diameter should be good, and they do have a loop for the cleat on the boat.
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    Re: roller trailer/tilt trailer questions

    If you dont need the tilt when loading or unloading, dont use it. Sounds like your not in deep enough, if your hitting the cross member. Take some pictures, and post them, every boat trailer with...
  28. Re: iboats Boating Cartoon - September 6, 2013 - Caption This

    And the reason the as-s end, is pointed my way, is?
  29. Re: Canoe with Trolling Motor - Power Requirements

    I think the OP wants to know how much fuel to leave in the tank during storage, and snake oil or not.
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    Re: happy birthday ,,,,,

    I went to a few dealers, and THE HOUSE OF HARLEY was, just, WOW. Never seen so many bikes, the 100th or 105th wasnt as big as this one. Will try and post some pics later when I find my cord for my...
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    Re: Headed to the lake today

    Just remember its the 110th, and the HD riders will be out in force. Remember to look out while changing lanes, and I will be ONE of them HD Riders.
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    Re: I need info for this Boat.

    Its true, DXF is a CAD FILE format, related to DWG (AUTO CAD) format. Mainly used for 2D blueprint type files. I dont think it has anything to do with the boat, in that relationship. Most likely the...
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    Re: Bayliner 170-185

    Your going to find alot of people with low opinons to Bayliners. Most are due to the 80s with alot being sold to people who didnt take car of them. I have had mid 80s bayliners, and also cut one...
  34. Re: Hard to hear Wife above Slow No Wake. Any Solutions?

    Maybe its just me, but older mercs seem to be loader then the older omcs.
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    Re: Swim Platform Rail

    I had bars made up, by a race car builder. I went and asked what diameter dies he had, and purchased some SS rube, and gave him a drawing, and he had it done in about an hour. The SS tube was the...
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    Re: Silly Question ? I hope not

    Ill bet you have the wrong size hose. Its not uncommon to find differant sizes, from one thing to another. Hoses are measured by the inside diameter (ID), fittings are measured by OD. If it were me,...
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    Re: Great day ended bad *NWSF*

    I wish your wife the best, yes they should have had caps. Most likley someone removed them. Give the county a call, and send them the pics. I bet they will have caps very soon, screwed down too. They...
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    Re: Where has this water originated from?

    If I were to guess, I would say RUB Rail. Just my .002.
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    Re: Rollers, Good Ones and Bad Ones?

    Your pics show both, Keel and wobble rollers. The keel are the center ones, that support the keel. The wobble rollers support the bottom.
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    Re: What's the best small cooler?

    I agree with roscoe, the ice packs dont work well. I use plane ice, as roscoe said, works all day, no problems.
  41. Re: I'm officially a boater! I hit a wing dam!! :D

    The prop needs to be repaired, or replaced. Take the prop off, and useing a dial indicator, check the prop shaft for runout, it should be under .003. If you dont have the tools , any machine shop...
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    Re: sportcraft safari deluxe

    There is a retsore section here, I would look there. What info are you looking for, and before you start, do you have ALL the paper work for the boat and trailer? Get the title in your name, and...
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    Re: It Finally Happened To Me

    DEEE PLUG, DEEE PLUG! As I knock on wood. Knock, Knock? Whos there? DEEE PLUG-------MAN.
  44. Re: 87 OMC Cobra 3l 4 cyl - runs ok, won't plane

    Welcome to IBoats, first, I would check your fuel for water. What rpm is the motor running at wot. Are you sure your trimmed all the way down.
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    Re: Mercruiser 470 Blow-By

    If I dont see the numbers, its just "blow-by" to me. I wouldnt take there word for it, Check it out yourself, or have your guy do it before you lay any cash out.
  46. Re: thought i had 115 hp turns out its a 140 hp

    Pictures of your motor would help also. If the core plugs dont have anything stamped in, they most likely were replaced at some time. Is this motor new to you, as in, you just bought it?
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    Re: Outer drive shaft, nick on seal surface

    What is the black ring to the right of the area that needs to be filled in. If that can be melted, it would have to be removed first. I dont know your location, but here in the SE WI area, there are...
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    Re: Mercruiser backfire

    Sounds like a fireing issue. 2X check the fireing order, the dist in right?
  49. Re: Are ratchet straps legal for transom straps?

    Common sense is not that common, comes to mind.
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    Re: is this an issue?

    Now this one, should go in stupid, I had a good LOL thou.
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