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    Default 2003 Regal 1800 LSR I NEED HELP

    I have an 03 Regal 1800 and my RPM and Speedo gauges have gone out. I cant be too upset, six years is a good run My problem is that apparently this year model had a larger gauge than your standard gauge. the gauge hole cut in the dash is a 4 3/8 hole and the face of the gauge is almost five inches 4 3/4. I cant find this stupid gauge ANYWHERE. has anoyone run into this issue? Does anyone have a work around for this (ie a new dash piece for sale somewhere such as a different year) or know where i can pick up one of these gauges? Any assistance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I have checked with Iboats and they tell me that they dont carry a gauge that large and i need to check with the forums. Come on guys.... dont let me down

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    Default Re: 2003 Regal 1800 LSR I NEED HELP

    Personally, I would be very upset if my gauges crapped out after only 6 years, bearing in mind how long automobile instrumentation lasts. What do you mean by gone out? It seems most unlikely that both the speedometer & tachometer both belly up at the same time. Have you done any kind of troubleshooting? I would be looking for something common between them, like a ground, a fuse/circuit breaker. These gauges (just like everything marine) are expensive and not always easy to swap out unless you have the same models. The senders have to be compatible with each model. More information would be useful. I would contact the gauge manufacturer for replacements..since they are only 6 years old, I would guess that they will still carry spare parts, or replacements. Good luck.

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    Default Re: 2003 Regal 1800 LSR I NEED HELP

    You speedometer problem is likely just a hose problem. The pickup is either on the transom or in the drive and there's a hose that tarnsfers water pressure to the speedometer which simply displays pressure as speed. The only electronics in it are the light. The Tachometer problem could be the gauge or it could be the connection on the engine. Your engine should have a big, cylindrical main wiring connector, ensure it is not loose.

    If the gauges are made by Faria (a common supplier for Regal) they have a lifetime warranty. Contact Faria if you are sure the gauges are at fault.

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