Hey guys. As some of you may know i hada a bit of a problem the first time out this season. Killed my prop broken skeg ect.
So I had to buy a new wheel for the boat after I fixed the rest of the damage.

Looked and researched all over the iboats and www. finally settled on a Solas 15.75x20p
stainless steel. Purchased from Iboats Love it so far!

With me and the Admiraless in the boat, approx 35 gallons of fuel, and normal gear.
Boat is Rinker Captiva 192 in signature. Smart Tabs sx-60lb

WOT 5000k, a tad over limit of 4800 but I rarely run that fast anyway.
WOT 45mph, with previous Alum 21p it was 46-48 at 4800
Holeshot is MUCH improved from previous prop, which is the main thing I wanted improved anyway.
In tight turns at speed it is almost impossible to ventilate.
Boat was a bit prone to list to the left when planing out (could be corrected with trim) Now that is completley gone.
All in all I am extremely pleased with my purchase! Hope this may help anyone who is looking for a new prop.