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    Default Prop for 93 Baja 180 islander

    Need some experienced enlightment on choosing a new prop. Here's what I have.
    1993 Baja 180 islander
    4.3 ltr 205 hp
    2400 lbs
    4400 -4800 recomended WOT

    presently came to me with a 13 3/4" 21P michigan wheel prop
    WOT 5000 RPM, 53MPH (speedo) with me, 2 kids, full fuel

    Baja prop chart says 23P, I'm assuming alumminum
    Hole shot seems good, feels like it could go faster

    The Michigan Wheel prop has some cup on it, but is not considered performance.
    Trying to guess wether in a better prop like a Laser2, or Mirage plus, will 23P will be to much, or 21P to much like what I have. Also looking at the Stiletto 4 blade.
    Input or experiences are appreciated.
    Thanks guys
    93 Baja 180 Islander 4.3lx
    Tundra Limited

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    Default Re: Prop for 93 Baja 180 islander

    Put on a 23" so you will lower your WOT RPMS. When you are out with a smaller amount of weight in the boat you will have more speed. You currently have 200 RPM above the manufacturers top allowed value. And that happens with a pretty large amount of weight in the boat. You want to keep it at or below 4800.
    The downside will be a slower holeshot. The upside will be more top end, and less likelyhood of over rev causing engine damage.
    Then on days you will have the boat heavily loaded use the 21.
    I don't have enough experience to recommend which brand & model though.
    1989 Baja Sunsport 196, Mercruiser 5.7, Alpha 1
    Moultonborough Neck, Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

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