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    Default Best prop for my tracker

    I need the experts help. I have a 17ft bass tracker with a 45hp merc. The prop is a 13pitch and at full throttle I am turning 5200 rpm at 23mph. I like the speed but the hole shot is seems really slow. I would like to know if this is the best I can expect or can I make so changes. So what are your thoughts. Would a SS prop at the same pitch help or is is really a need of changing pitch? Thanks guys

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    Default Re: Best prop for my tracker

    That seems really low mph for that motor/boat. is that a 4stroke? My dad also has a 17ft tracker but has a 25hp 4stroke and can hit 21mph by gps. I would think 30mph would be about right. Something doesnt sound right.

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    Default Re: Best prop for my tracker

    I have a Bass Tracker PT 165 and I have a 2005 50 hp 2 stroke and I too am looking for a prop. Someone suggested a 12 1/4 x 15" When I got the boat I had a 25 hp merc and it would do 22 mph.

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    Default Re: Best prop for my tracker

    Dizzi, you evidently have a problem somewhere if you will fill this form out I will try to help you.

    Iboats Boat and Motor Info

    1. Year, make and model of boat
    2. Length, width and base weight of boat, look for boat decal on back of boat
    2a.What is the maximum recommended HP for your boat
    3. Number of people and gallons of gas normally on boat
    4. What do you use the boat for
    5. Is it a Deep Vee and if so how many degrees of deadrise
    6. Year, make. manufacturer and model of motor
    7. HP and gear ratio of motor IMPORTANT
    If you don’t know the ratio, you need to pull the plugs out and put a piece of tape a c ross the prop and the lower unit and then cut it between the prop and the housing and turn the motor until the tape lines up with each other, it is easier if two people do this, so one can watch the prop while the other counts the revolutions of the motor
    8. Manufacturer’s recommended Wide Open Throttle (WOT) range
    9. Anti-ventilation Plate height above keel of boat if it is an outboard in inches, use a board under the keel and stiking out to the anti ventilation plate for a referene
    10. Is it a bass boat or does it have a pad bottom
    11. Does it have a hydrafoil, dolefin or trim tabs
    12. Make, model, diameter, pitch and whether SS or aluminum prop
    13. WOT RPM and speed from your current prop and how much gas and how many people were in the boat for the test data and is the speed by GPS. Make sure you trim the prop up until it starts ventilating and then just trim in until it quits ventilating. If you do not have a tach you can buy a Tiny Tach for $ 50
    14. Are you at sea level or a higher elevation, give us the elevation in feet
    15. Has your motor been tuned up lately and have you checked that the carburetor butterfly is opening all the way, checked compression, and looked at the plugs and checked spark, all of the foregoing could be the reason your prop is not attaining full RPM
    16. How long has this prop been on the boat and why, at this time, do you think it is the wrong prop
    17. Does the prop show any damage that you can see
    18. What problems are you trying to cure or what are you looking for the boat to do that it is not doing the way you think it should or to your expectations
    19. If you are trying to attain a better cruising speed and fuel savings or trying to attain a faster speed I will want you to take your boat and run it with 1 or 2 people and give me the RPM and speed readings starting at 3,000 RPM in 500 RPM increments all the way to WOT.

    REMEMBER, The numbers I give you will be NO better than the information you give me

    The only thing I ask of you is to come back and give me a report of WOT RPM and speed for my database.


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    Default Re: Best prop for my tracker

    Dizzi,you should be getting at least 28 MPH out of your setup and Mad you should be getting at least 32 MPH.


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    Question Re: Best prop for my tracker

    Hello,, Newbie here.........

    I wanted to know the best prop for my 2006 25' suntracker Regency ,, with a 3.0 Mercruiser IO......

    I'd like to get the best top end speed with still enough power to carry a load when necessary.............

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Best prop for my tracker

    You will likely get more response if you start your own thread rather than resurecting a now 4 year old thread.We havent seen hwsiii on here since the gulf oil spill.First read the stickies at the top of the page and the helps on the prop store page.Give us your boat/motor details,prop size(usually under the prop nut)
    Run the boat with your present prop.get us the max rpm and speed.with a light load.

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    Default Re: Best prop for my tracker

    thanks......... I just did

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