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    Default Pontoon Boat Lifting w Sling

    Ok, here I go. New to the forum hope you can help.
    I have a 2005 Tuscany 20 foot pontoon with a 75hp Yamaha 4-stroke.
    Boathouse built in a shallow cove about 22" to 24" deep.
    I have a sling type lift installed with the boathouse. Are there provisions made into the logs from the manufacturer so you can rig the strap so it doesn't crush the log?
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    Default Re: Pontoon Boat Lifting w Sling

    Your boat should have lifting eyes at all four corners of the boat. They use those at the factory to move them around.

    You for sure need to use a four point pick to lift the boat, Slings around the bottom would damage the boat for sure.
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    Default Re: Pontoon Boat Lifting w Sling

    Yup, except at the bulk heads the tubes are hollow and would crush right away if you tried to lift the boat anywhere else, if you could get the spacing so you are lifting at the center and rear bulk heads you should be okay but you need to be right on them, alittle too far forwad or back and you have a dent.

    Lifting it with the eyes is probably your best option if you can rig it to do that.
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    Default Re: Pontoon Boat Lifting w Sling

    I have had my 24' pontoon boat lifted out of the water several times with a strap-type lift with no problems at all. I don't think that long-term would be a problem either. The longest my boat was on this lift was 3 weeks and no problems. Photos attached.

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    Default Re: Pontoon Boat Lifting w Sling

    Do not use the sling because you will eventually have problems due to the high PSI on the bottom of the pontoons. I personally know of two pontoons damaged because of this. It is relatively inexpensive to have two bunks built to more evenly distribute the weight. And I would not use the 4 eyes for long term lifting. While the eyes are strong, they are welded to very thin metal.

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