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    Default Tomos - Koper 4 Hp Year ?


    I have a Tomos - Koper Traveler 4 HP model# T4S Serial# 393933. Any idea on what year this is and is there a web site out there that talks about these motors?


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    Default Re: Tomos - Koper 4 Hp Year ?

    I found one reference on the web to that model, and the date mentioned was 1989. Apparently, it's made in Yugoslavia. A google search for Tomos Traveler Outboard will find the site.

    The discussion thread was from 2004, and mentions a UK source for information and parts...but just a phone number.

    I could not find any US supplier.

    Apparently you have a rarity here in the US, but they appear to be fairly common in the UK.

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    Default Re: Tomos - Koper 4 Hp Year ?

    Tomos outboards are pretty common here in Holland. They're primitive but easy to operate and fix when something's wrong. Simple motors.

    Tomos used to (and still does) make scooters and mopeds. Before that, they made outboards. But not anymore. Parts aren't easy to find, even in Holland.

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    Default Re: Tomos - Koper 4 Hp Year ?

    It was imported into the U.S. for a few months back in the late 80's by N.I.E.C. who decided they were more trouble than they were worth. There is no parts source in the U.S. As NIEC only brought in a few thousand dollars worth of parts.
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    Default Re: Tomos - Koper 4 Hp Year ?

    Hi all,

    I have a simlar motor and would like to know if some one can tell me what the small tube is for ?
    It is connected to the exhaust and goes to the lower crankshaft.On my motor this exhaust tube has been rebuilt by some one I don't know.This exhaust tube is made into 2 chambers.One for the exhaust and the other has no opening except going to the small tube.Have included photo of unit.

    Hope somebody can help

    (Lateen )
    John in Sydney
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    Default Re: Tomos - Koper 4 Hp Year ?

    The small tube is for the exhaust cooling system which is via water taken in through the leg. As such, dont run this motor out of the water! This tube seems to get clogged with grit and sand fairly routinely so its useful to clean it out every so often.

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