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Thread: lauson motor

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    I was just given a Lauson outboard motor, serial No. 13880, Model No. S350. It is a Lauson Sport King. I would like any info on tis motor, and if I can get a coil for it. Thanks

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    I have not seen very many posts on lauson motors here. Lausens are a 4 stroke motor, air cooled. the point gap is .020. The model S350 is a 3hp made in 1950. This is a direct drive model. I have no idea where to find parts. I am sure if you want them bad enough you will find them. These motors were prized in their day for having a smooth idle. Most outboards at that time did not have that good of an isolation (supendtion) system. So they tended to have more felt vibration. Good luck with your motor and let us know how you make out.

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