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    Default JC Penny ourboard ????

    Hi there, I just bough this nice outboard it has a sticker on front and these is what is written. 3hp/85CC Air Cool enginePower loop engine Forward and full pivot reverseAny idea what year, oil ratio, sparkplug on this motor?Model: 1000Serial #: 57-110544And what is Full pivot reverse?The motor start I just don’t know how to reverse?I will really appreciate any help that I can get.Thank you

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    Default Re: JC Penny ourboard ????

    I would guess that powerhead is a Tecumseh, which should use 24:1 with chainsaw or weedwhacker oil. That's only a guess, so if anyone knows better, pay attention to them, not me.What that "full pivot reverse" means is that you turn the engine 180* to get it to go backward. Be sure that it is at low speed when you do that.

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    Default Re: JC Penny ourboard ????

    JB's right on, it's a 1975 1 cyilnder 3hp Tecumseh powered outboard. The original manufacturer was Eska, who were in the business of putting Tecumseh engines on top of their own midsection & lower units. The chart I have says 32:1 is acceptable, but if it were me I would probably mix it a little rich anyway.The engine is a model # 642-20. It takes a Champion J13Y gapped at .030"

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