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    Default 6 HP SEA KING HELP, Fuel Ratio, Spark Plugs, Starting Instructions.. etc...

    Hi There,

    I just bought a little aluminum boat that came with a 6 hp sea king motor. The lady said her Grandpa bought it new and used it only 10 hours. It looks like its brand new, its actually amazing. I have no info on this motor and am not too familiar with outboards.

    Model # VWB 27406
    Serial # 37x21859

    What year is this?
    What is the fuel mix ratio?
    Should I use 87 octane gas or the higher 92?
    What kind of spark plugs does it need and what gap size?
    What are the starting instructions?
    Does the choke have to be pulled out or pushed in when starting?
    After how long must the choke be set back to normal operation?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: 6 HP SEA KING HELP, Fuel Ratio, Spark Plugs, Starting Instructions.. etc...

    1973 Deluxe 50-1 Regular gas is OK.
    L 4 J or QL 4 J plug(not positive)(what's in now)
    If it's set that long.
    Then it needs to be gone over,clean carb,make sure jets are open.
    Rebuild the fuel pump.
    When you dismantle,remember how many turns the air screw was set at.
    Portable tank or built in tank?
    Portable is what's in the book???Change the fuel line.Any inline connectors,change as they will probably leak.

    Start,Squeeze ball.Advance throttle to start position.
    Choke out.PULLLLLLL
    When it starts,then as it gets going try pushing in the choke.
    You might have to push it in and out till it's running good.
    If it won't run when the chokes on then the carb needs adjusting/cleaning.J

    Other websites are NOT the place to buy parts.They managed to screw up my last 4 orders.
    NO communication,NO follow through. Incompetent staff.Nuff said!

    Buy American made Cars and Trucks!!!Towing insurance for a boat,a GREAT thing.

    If you fix your problem,do the rest of the posters a favor and send in one more post telling who,what, how it was fixed.J

    88 Bayliner 21CC Twin 85hp Forces.

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    Default Re: 6 HP SEA KING HELP, Fuel Ratio, Spark Plugs, Starting Instructions.. etc...

    Thank you very much for the help.
    It has no built in tank. Has a round fuel line connector. Not rectangular like the new fuel tanks have. Do I just buy an adapter? Or do I need a special order fuel line?
    When you say air screw, are you referring to the little adjusting screw for the carb that is under the cowl?
    Why do you mean by having the jets open?

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