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    Unhappy 1996 Gamefisher (Force) 5HP

    I have a 1996 Gamefisher 5HP outboard. Seems to run pretty well at a local lake with an altitude of about 5000ft. However, when I take it up to the mountains at an altitude of 9000+ft, it starts well, and will idle all day long. As soon as I attmept to increase the speed, even if only a minute amount, the engine will die. Other than the idle/air mixture screw, does anyon know of another adjustment that can be made? Anyone have any idea what is causing the problem, and a possible cure?
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    Default Re: 1996 Gamefisher (Force) 5HP

    Thats pretty high. You need to have a totally different set of jets for that altitude. there isnt enought air up there so your running very rich.
    I think 10,000 feet is the limit for humans without oxygen. or at least as a supliment.
    If your going to run both places id suggest haveing 2 sets of carbs, one for the low lake and one for the high one.
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    Default Re: 1996 Gamefisher (Force) 5HP

    biifflefan - yeah, that's getting up there. My owners manual list a different main-jet (.035) for that altitude, however the sears web site (parts) lists it as not available. Any suggestions?

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