I've got an OMC 460 King Cobra and I'm trying to find the model year. There are model #'s and serial numbers on the outdrive and on the transom mount, but I'm not seeing any information on the engine anywhere. Here are some of the #'s that I have from the drive and transom mount:



If anyone has any ideas of something I could look for on the engine to tell me what model year it is, I would really appreciate it. I have the OMC King Cobra service manual for the PWS models and it shows that the engine ID is on one of the valve covers, just below where you add engine oil. There's nothing there on my engine. On the ignition, it says 986294G 7.5L 07FP. Not sure if this will help.

The engine is not in the original boat, so the original boat's model year isn't an option either.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.