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    Default Yamaha 2003 HPDI VMAX 175hp

    I am considering purchasing a repossessed fishing boat with a 2003 yamaha hpdi vmax 175 hp. I would appreciate any information about the reliability of this motor and the recommended maintance schedule. For example what should I do with this motor when I get it considering I do not have any maintence records. The boat is well maintained from apperarance and I assume this would be a boat with less than200 hours on the motor. Thanks Rog

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    Default Re: Yamaha 2003 HPDI VMAX 175hp

    This is my first post. I am purchasing a repossessed boat with a 2003 yamaha 175 hp VMAX HPDI .. Any ideas about the reliability of this motor and what maintence should be doe onthe motor..i guess it has 200 hours onthe motor based on the looks of the boat. thanks Rog

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    Default Re: Yamaha 2003 HPDI VMAX 175hp

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    Default Re: Yamaha 2003 HPDI VMAX 175hp

    you need to check compression and spark, lower unit for water. compression should be over 100PSI and within 10% of each other. the following is good for all motors no matter what size.
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    Default Re: Yamaha 2003 HPDI VMAX 175hp

    myself, I have found if the previous owner could not afford the payments they also could not afford the maint.
    maint on that engine can get pricey and if its not done the results are very costly.
    try to have it brokered by a yamaha dealer and have them carefully inspect it and it may qualify for a used engine warrenty from Yamaha.
    just the engine mounted fuel filters are about 200 dollars, then ya throw in oil system maint and O2 sensor maint and it can get pricey for the 200 hour service.
    the service schedule is published in the marine technical guide that is shipped to every dealership.

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