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    Default how to get water out of outboard for winter

    Hi guys first time poster

    just wondering whats the best way to get all the water out of the cooling system. I live in Minnesota and it usually gets down around -40f or so at some point in the winter. I just want to make sure I do it right. Just wondering what you guys do.

    I talked to some one I know and he said he just picked up some -50 rv anti freeze from walmart and some how ran it through his engine to replace the water. The only stuff I could find was pink and had a warning saying not for use in engines as antifreeze

    I have a 1985 Johnson seahorse 75HP

    Thanks guys!!!

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    Default Re: how to get water out of outboard for winter

    Tilt it horizontal, let any water drain. Tilt it vertical, check lower unit for water, drain/refill if any is present, cover the prop to prevent entry of any precip, forget the anti-freeze ...

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    Default Re: how to get water out of outboard for winter

    Sit it vertical. It will drain. Drain lower unit as well though and re-fill.
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    Default Re: how to get water out of outboard for winter

    Tilting horizontal does nothing to drain the water. Outboards are self-draining if left perfectly vertical. No other draining is required. Since the outboard is self-draining, how does this antifreeze stay inside the engine? Truth is it can't so don't bother. It is not necessary and a waste of money. It is more important to add fuel system stabilizer like Stabil or SeaFoam to the fuel and run the engine (on muffs or in the water) long enough to get the treated fuel into the engine fuel system. Then shut it off. Fog the engine if you like, and then drain and refill the lower unit. Done! Put it to bed. If the lower unit had any water in it at all and you fail to change the lube, you risk cracking the lower unit housing. So do it now rather than in the spring.

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    Smile Re: how to get water out of outboard for winter

    Thanks guys I did not know it was self draining. Now I can sleep well on those cold winter nights, and not wondering if my block is split in half.

    I'm covered with the other stuff. I already changed my lower unit oil. I'm going to start it on the garden hose tomorrow (while the neighbors are not home) get the stay-bill in the carb and fog it.

    Thanks again!!!

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    Default Re: how to get water out of outboard for winter

    Along with what Silvertip has advised, after it drains completely in the vertical position, bump the starter to get any residual water out of the impeller. After that stops dripping, run it up on the trim and see if any other water will drain out. Be sure to leave it in the vertical position. Skip wrapping any part of the motor with plastic. Plastic doesn't breath and will cause corrosion. Hit the grease fittings to drive out any water, grease the steering rod, as well

    BTW - the dry, cold winter, even with snow and rain is a lot easier on the motor than any use in saltwater, during the summer.

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