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    Default Building an O/B motor stand - Instructional

    I have decided to put together some detailed information on my o/b motor stand. My hope is that my documentation will help all those DIY newbie’s find some direction for getting started. I am a drafter by trade and just love to draw things in detail. I have included 11x17 prints of my motor stand that include a pictorial view, assembly directions and a parts layout.

    I am new to the whole boat restoration scene and have found so many helpful tips throughout the web and thought I might be able to contribute also. I couldn’t find any detailed instructions on how to build your own motor stand, but I did find plenty of pictures of stands people had built. This stand is fairly inexpensive and seems to be really strong.

    I used [4] 2x4x96, [1] 2x6x96, [4] 3in casters (175 lbs capacity), [16] 5/16x1 lag screws and approximately [60] 2 1/2in deck screws. It took me about 3 tries to get one that I really liked and so my prints or of my final product. I have a 1979 Chrysler 55hp O/B sitting on it and my stand seems to be holding up nicely. I really hope all of this helps and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.


    Here are some Pics:

    First attempt:

    Got some help from my kids:

    Final stand after modifications made:

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    Default Re: Building an O/B motor stand - Instructional

    Here are just a few more pics:

    Pics of 11x17 prints:

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