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    Default Merc 5.7 And 6.2 And 7.4 same motor mounts? Drive Question?

    Hi All

    Is the 5.0-5.7-6.2-7.4-8.1 all the same when its about the motor mounts?

    Im planing with starting with mounting a 5.7 in my boat for start and when the right engine and with a good price is there change it to a 6.2 MPi.

    Can you have a Alpha Gen 2 behind a 6.2Mpi or do you need a bravo?


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    Default Re: Merc 5.7 And 6.2 And 7.4 same motor mounts? Drive Question?

    Ayuh,.... Welcome Aboard,.... The 5.7, 'n the 6.2 are both SBCs, so swappin' is plug, 'n play,....

    The 7.4. 'n 8.1 are BBCs, 'n the front motor mounts might move an inch or so, or not, don't remember, without lookin' it up,...

    The Alpha will be stressed with anything bigger than the 5.7...
    Any Grease is Better,..... Than No Grease at All.......

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