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    Default Smartcraft Gauges Installation

    Need Some help Again. My question is after taking the old smart guages out and installing the new ones will I have to calibrate these? Also the operation manual says disconnect the battery cables before installation. Does this mean if you have never had smart gauges before? I appreciate any infomation someone could give me on installing these.

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    it says to disconect the battery because u are working with something electrical... its a saftey thing.

    i dont know how the smart guages work but i would assume they would need calibration which should be in the directions.
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    Default Re: Smartcraft Gauges Installation

    it means don't ever work on wiring with battery connected.

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    Default Re: Smartcraft Gauges Installation

    Hi there,

    The smartcraft gauges will self "calibrate" once they connect to the ECM (once you power the ignition. They will automatically detect what engine and sensors you have. the only other things to manually calibrate would be the fuel tank(s).

    Don't take that battery disconnect warning lightly, there is one wire in that CAN bus harness (the wiring you are playing with) that is power from the computer, it is always powered even if the key is off. I shorted it by accident when I was disassembling a smartcraft cable and blew a tiny little fuse in the computer, took forever to find.



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