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    Default Mercury 60 hp Rough Idle

    I have a 2003 Mercury 60 hp outboard oil injected. Model # is 1060412Ad.

    The problem is it has is a Rough Idle. In idle the motor sputters a little. I tried adjusting the idle screw but did not help much. Other than that it runs great.

    If anyone can help i appreciate it.

    Thanks, John

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    Default Re: Mercury 60 hp Rough Idle

    I've had a similar progblems before with motors. The first thing I do is a take a can of the Mercury Carb cleaning spray, like tune up in a can, and follow the instructions. You basicly spray into the carbs while running it until it chokes out. Let it sit and then run it open for a minutes. It can make HUGE difference. Like I said though follow the instructions on the can.

    Good Luck

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