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    Default Mercury 175xl Saltwater idleing

    Im not sure what the idle range is for this motor? Just bought the boat used and it idles at about 1100-1200 and that seems high to me. It also grinds the gears pretty hard when putting in gear but I think that is a result of the high idle. I'm not sure where to adjust the idle on the motor. Can anybody lead me in the right direction? Can't be that hard but there are a lot of things that are in sync and I don't want to adjust something out of sync. Thanks

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    Default Re: Mercury 175xl Saltwater idleing

    it should be below 1000, like 800. First check the throttle control cable and make sure it just pushes the throttle linkage tight against the stop before you do any link and sync stuff. It could just be a throttle cable adjustment is needed. There should also be a screw adjustment at or near that stop, though I'm not familiar with that specific motor.

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    Default Re: Mercury 175xl Saltwater idleing

    Make sure your tach is acruate. 800 is corect at idle. BUT when going into gear you have shift quickly don't ease it in.Make sure your tach is right.

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