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    Default Help Removing Oil Injection System From Mecury 150.

    I am removing the oil injection system from my Mercury Outboard, and need some guidance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here we go...

    The air line that runs to the remote tank is bolted into the block at the bottom of the starboard side. How do I plug this off once I remove the air line?

    Once correctly rerouted, the fuel line will run straight from the fuel connector to the bottom of the fuel pump. Does that sound correct?

    BTW - I own a 1988 Mercury 150 XR4 Black Max. Thanks again for the help. AC.
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    Default Re: Help Removing Oil Injection System From Mecury 150.

    Re: oil injection removal Merc V6 only

    You need part number 43453 if it is available. That retains the pump driveshaft bushing and plugs the hole where the pump mounts. Then remove the oil components and the warning module. You'll also need to remove the fitting that the oil tank pressure hose attaches to and plug the hole in the block.

    Order three stickers (37-818029 1), one to mount near the fuel fitting on the motor, one for the dash, and one near the fuel fill fitting on the boat. They'll alert the operator that the gas needs to have oil added. One frequent problem we see here regards the infamous "brother-in-law" that forgets to add oil to the gas and roaches the motor.

    You should probably replace the fuel lines where the fitting for the oil T's into the fuel line with a single piece of fuel line.
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    hope it helps

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