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    Default 4 cyl merc firing order

    ok can any one tell me which cyl in an 84 four cyl 50hp is the #1 and do the wheel marks line up with tdc on it
    i've not been able to start the thing and ive tried every thing but i may have the wheel on wrong as i made the mistake of removing it to clean it, eight bolts and all.

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    Cool Re: 4 cyl merc firing order

    Kelp, The top cylinder is number 0ne. It sounds like you could use a service manual.

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    Default Re: 4 cyl merc firing order

    ya i could use a manual.... the marks are lined up with the tdc on the first cylinder. it ran last year but only on the two bottom holes and after replacing the black box, yes i made sure the wires where in the same spots, it gets lots of spark on all cylinders and fuel but will not fire. i'm at a loss.

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    Default Re: 4 cyl merc firing order

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    Default Re: 4 cyl merc firing order

    Hey kelp I'm confused. When you say that you removed the wheel do you mean the flywheel? If so, it should only go back on one way due to a key on the shaft. If you have plenty of spark and your plugs are wet with fuel then you really need to start checking your timing. It sounds like you are 180 degrees out somehow. If the timing was off but still close you would get some kind of pop or backfire from the motor.

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    Default Re: 4 cyl merc firing order

    thanks guys. sig-mech, the flywheel on these engines come away from the (keyed hub) with eight bolts but as far as I can tell, the timing is not critical for this piece as the magnets are evenly spaced all around the thing. I've lined up the timing marks and all was well. again thanks!

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