Hello all, I am currently stationed in Hawaii and am a mechanich for the military but obviously not on outboards. That being said I recently purchased a boat with a 2001 Mercury 40hp motor and it is very clean and well maintained. The only issue the previous owner noted was a failure to charge the battery (he reasoned it was the voltage regulator). So I took the boat out and it stalled after idling for a while and was difficult to restart. Finally got it running and was great, no more issues. Now, on my second trip, I was cruising along and started to sputter and stalled. forgot to vent the tank so did that and restarted perfect. But after this the motor would no longer run correct under power. It would sputter and bog and at times stall (especially while adjusting throttle), always starting perfect again immediately after. I can start, idle the boat and throttle it perfect and have no issues here it all. It even is great in gear with no resistance, however, in the water it immediately begins to stutter and stall under power. I had to fight it all the way in on my last trip but made it luckily. So to clarify, only under load, the motor fails to produce power without missing, sputtering and stalling. It starts again perfect every time. Oh and plugs look great, all new tank and fuel lines and filters look good also. Any ideas? Thanks for your time.