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    Default Re: Winterizing: Prestone vs RV antifreeze

    Quote Originally Posted by Evinrude Boater View Post
    I've read various posts about using RV antifreeze to winterize the engine but I also read it doesn't contain corrosion inhibitors. Wouldn't it be better to use automotive antifreeze then drain and flush in the spring?
    As I recall my basic chemistry, neither does lake water, and that is in there all summer. The safe bet is get ALL of the water out, and if you feel you must use antifreeze, go with the safe non-toxic RV type. Even a few drops of automotive antifreeze on the driveway can be bad news for the local pets.
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    Default Re: Winterizing: Prestone vs RV antifreeze

    Quote Originally Posted by WizeOne View Post
    .... and blocks the water's exit! Anyone else 'been there, done that'?
    Do I hear an AMEN!
    Hebby Jebby, yeah!! Amen brother!! Back when I was young and dumb...etc I kiiled my first I/O by removing the drainplugs and NOT reaming out the holes....thought I got all the water out.....plugs were out right? ....Had to put new engine and manifolds in in spring. When I hooked up for first start, my engine bay look like a friggin' lawn sprinkler. Only gotta teach this boy once!! Ain't broke a block or manifold stated so aptly by Bond-o "Air don't freeze" so I make darn sure all the water is out!
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    Default Re: Winterizing: Prestone vs RV antifreeze

    The RV stuff for winterizing water systems doesn't have corrosion inhibitors but the more expensive stuff for engine systems does....if you look on the container...but your first priority when winterizing is always get the water out...first....the AF is really just optional...if you want to minimize corrosion.
    I feel that those kits they sell at West Marine and other places...should have a warning on them....that they are not appropriate for a raw water cooled engine...yet I see them being sold all the time...and people don't read manuals so they don't realize the risk in using them....

    and for the first timers doing this...get you manual...get a nice long wood screw or real thin screwdriver...and keep in mind...a V-6 or V-8 block holds at least between 2 and 2 1/2 gallons of water..if not a little more....if you're not seeing a lot...something's blocked up...manifolds hold a fair amount of water does the big hose on the front circulation pump...remove it a the bottom when draining the block....when I backfill my little V-6 with takes close to 4 gallons to fill both the block and manifolds and a little to fill the raw water intake hose to after it gets drained down in the bilge...
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    Default Re: Winterizing: Prestone vs RV antifreeze

    Not sure why everyone says the RV antifreeze doesn't have inhibitors.

    Read the label.

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