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    Default Tomos 4hp two stroke outboard

    Recently purchased used outboard with less than 5 hours running time. The engine is old but in excellent condition.Having removed the engine cover I can not see any oil drain bung, surley these engines have additional lubrication other than the cylinder fuel/oil mixture?Any one have a old manual that can be downloaded?Thanks

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    Default Re: Tomos 4hp two stroke outboard

    Hi, John.Welcome to iboats. Not familiar at all with the Tomos, but if it is like all US common outboards there is additional lubrication only in the gearcase in the foot.Your best bet on a manual would be eBay or a library. Copying for download would be illegal under US copyright law, and probably under UK law as well.I am pretty sure that the Tomos in neither I/O nor Inboard, so I will move this to the General Outboard forum.Good luck.

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