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    Default Smoke from the outdrive

    Was driving back home on the boat and there was smoke from the engine compartment and out of the transom. Have a chevy 5.7 with a mercruiser aplha 1. I think the boat is and 03 22' Tahoe. The engine would start and run intermittently but does not engage into gear, just dies. The engine looks good, no oil leaks, sounds ok compression wise may have blown the outdrive not sure how to check to be sure if it is blown for sure though or where to find one to replace?

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    Default Re: Smoke from the outdrive

    did you notice the temp??

    possibly overheated and melted the shift cable casing causing the interrupt switch to engage when going into gear

    if you suspect the drive to be the issue pull the boat from the water and pull the top cap to quick check the upper gearset, otherwise pull the drive and inspect the coupler - was the lube monitor empty/sounding alarm??
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    No alarm there was still oil in the outdrive resevoir and the temp went to 240. I have a feeling the water impeller went out causing it to overheat.

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