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    Default OMC 4 cyl, 3.0 Liter prop options

    I just bought a 1988 19' bayliner open bow with a OMC 4 cyl, 3.0 Liter, Cobra outdrive.Being new to boating I recently took a chunk out of my alum. 13 3/4 x 15 prop and am looking at replacing it. If I remember right the boat used to get about 35mph at 4,400 RPM (don't quote me on the RPM, just know when it was at WOT I would be slighty over the 35mph mark).Normally the boat is pretty loaded 4 adults 3 small kids and we do a lot of tubing and water skiing ...QUESTION 1: Should I consider getting something different than the current 13 3/4 x 15 prop. QUESTION 2: I was reading up on the Hustler props would anyone know what prop I should get for my boat to match the 13 3/4 x 15 ... thoughts.QUESTION 3: Anyone have any opinions on Piranha props.

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    Default Re: OMC 4 cyl, 3.0 Liter prop options

    First, Welcome aboard!Before any recommendations are in order, what is the Max wot rpm range suggested from the manufacturer for your engine.Remember this, tachometer is required(to know what the prop is doing for us) and speedometer is optional and usually gets us led in the wrong direction for initial set-up.

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    Default Re: OMC 4 cyl, 3.0 Liter prop options

    run a 13\1/4 by 21 pitch ss prop and u will love it

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    Default Re: OMC 4 cyl, 3.0 Liter prop options

    check out power tech props 1 800 567 7767 and ask for orlando and tell him bryan sent u u wont be sorry

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    Default Re: OMC 4 cyl, 3.0 Liter prop options

    You are right in the sweet spot with your 15" pitch prop right now. Recommended rpm range is 4200 - 4600 rpm. I wouldn't change a thing. Your speed is right in there for your boat/engine combination.I have the same engine and drive and use a 14"dia. x 17" pitch on a smaller 16 ft bowrider. I sometimes use a 13 dia. x 19" pitch stainless, but it suffers a little on take off (hole shot). A 21" would really lug your engine and be out of your recommended rpm range. It would be terrible with the amount of people(weight) and too slow for skiing/tubing.

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    Default Re: OMC 4 cyl, 3.0 Liter prop options

    u might want to think about a 4 blade prop with all the weight it is just a ? props are hard to dial in u got to have a tach

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    Default Re: OMC 4 cyl, 3.0 Liter prop options

    Thanks all for your advice.- So far it looks like my options are as to give Orlando a call see what is recommended there- Get a stock prop since I would have to agree with cobra 3.0 - Then I'll buy a reserve prop and give the other pitch, blade #, etc. a try. Just got to find a place that will let me experiment a little Thanks all for you help, I'll reply back with what I find just in case other people have similar questions

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