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    Default No Fuel to Carb in a 4.3

    I figure I start a new thread on this issue. I have a 88 Sunbird Corsair with a OMC I/O motor with GM block 4.3 Liter v6.

    The issue I am having is Iím not getting any fuel into the carburetor so Iím thinking itís the fuel pump. I have sucked on the fuel line coming from the gas tank and I get fuel ( I know not the smartest idea) I primed the new water/fuel separator filter but as I said fuel isnít moving through the lines and up to the carb. The lines arenít clogged. Is this the fuel pump like I suspect or could it be something far worse.

    Thanks for any insight you could give

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    Default Re: No Fuel to Carb in a 4.3

    fuel pump
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    Default Re: No Fuel to Carb in a 4.3

    Disconnect the fuel line from the carb. Put a hose on it and put it in a container and turn the engine over and see if the pump will pump.
    If the fuel filter in the carb inlet, or the needle valve is plugged, it will not pump gas into the carb or to it.
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    Cool Re: No Fuel to Carb in a 4.3

    i agree with don, however you stated no fuel is moving through the lines?? so possibly the anti syphon valve ( if equipped) could be stuck on the fuel tank as well. take off the hose from the tank and spray some carb cleaner into the fitting 2 quick shots the ball should move freely good luck!!

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