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    Default Mercruiser 7.4 LX EFI, repower options

    I'm afraid that my original -97 model big block might be toast and I'm mapping out my options for a new engine. It's a Bravo III setup on a 23 feet Cobalt and I think that paying a shop to install all the stuff to a new long block 454 from my old engine might be almost as expensive as buying a new one. + I would still have a lot of old parts on the engine. The best price I've found for a new complete 496 is about $11K. The price difference between the Merc. 496 Magnum (375 hp) and 496 HO (425 hp) is only about a thousand bucks but I don't know if the original Bravo from the 300 hp 454 would work directly with the 496 HO engine. Would I need to change the gears and props to make it to work or do I face the same thing even with the 375 hp version?

    Michigan motorz had a Marine Power 496 for about $10K but I don't have any experience on their engines. Does anyone know about these? One shop offered a good price on a 383 stroker but I don't really feel like downgrading either. All ideas and suggestions are welcome, thanks.

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    Default Re: Mercruiser 7.4 LX EFI, repower options

    You might want to talk to a MERC dealer about using the older drive with a 496HO (the Bravo is supposed to be good for about 400hp or so.....425 might just be fine). I think it would be ok with the 375HP model.(I've been thinking about that one myself)

    Your other option might be to just to replace the 454 with a long block...But I don't see how it would be the same as getting a new bigger engine. A GEN-6 454 long block from Ebasicpower for example, is about $3500.
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    Default Re: Mercruiser 7.4 LX EFI, repower options


    If you're not a Mechanical kinda Guy,.....
    I can see why you're thinking Complete Bobtail engine package,.....

    If your Bravo has been treating you Well,....
    I'd consider a good going thru your Drive,+ Freshening it,........
    I think your Bravo will be just fine, as long as you're not out Hammering it all the time,....
    Treat it kindly,+ It'll carry that HP to the water for you, for a Long Time.......
    Either of the 496 motors would be a Nice Package.......
    Any Grease is Better,..... Than No Grease at All.......

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    Default Re: Mercruiser 7.4 LX EFI, repower options

    Thanks for the input guys. I think I could install all the stuff needed to the new long block from my old engine but the thing is I don't have a place to do that. I have the dock place and that's it. Can't really do it in the water properly. Also I'd have a new long block but old accessories, injection etc. so it wouldn't really be a new engine. If I have someone to do it, it would probably be close to a new bobtail in $$. So you think that even with the 496 HO the gears and props from the Bravo III would work? I should know this week what the old engine ate so by next week I either will be driving with the old 454 or ordering a 496. I'll probably go with the Mercury one because I think that the resale value of the boat will be better with the merc than Marine Power as nobody seems to know too much about the MP.

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