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    Default how screwed am I

    I just purchased a 1975 Glastron CV-16 w/ 470 mercruiser. It was a fast paced decision as the last two boats I tried to snag for 500 bucks were gone in less than an hour. The body is in decent shape, the trailer looks well maintained and has hydrauluc brakes. But the motor is 470, and I've seen nothing good, the owner has had it for ten years, last run in 2008, engine turns but doesnt start. Has had the alternator kit installed, haven't checked anything else yet. So far I've seen to change the heat exchangers, and sleeve the cam, as being the most common. Should I just turn around and try sell it to get my money back?
    I will get more detailed info on motor tomorrow. Just throwin out feelers atm.

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    Default Re: how screwed am I


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    Default Re: how screwed am I

    If you can get your money back go for it.
    Unless you want an ongoing project.

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    Default Re: how screwed am I

    Have you at least checked the compression?
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    470 is fine if you do your own work and maintain it. It's doesn't have the best reputation and they haven't made one for 20 years but you can still easily get parts. It's not a bad motor, just needs typical TLC.

    I'd be much more worried about the transom and stringers/floors on a $500 boat, having a 470 is far less of an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajax5240 View Post
    Have you at least checked the compression?
    That is the $500 question. If the compression is OK, that is a good start. What do you want for $500, that 470 is probably as good an any 38 year old engine you find in a cheap boat, probably better because the odds of it being cracked are very low.
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