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    Default How to lift an engine properly?

    I got my 165 inline six out of the parts boat very quick. Like 20 minutes! But I cut a section of the boat out that allowed me to literally lift it straight up. I used a forklift and a chain.

    If I did not want to cut the boat all up, how would you even dream of lifting that engine straight? Im sure I will need to pull another someday and was just curious.
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    Default Re: How to lift an engine properly?

    As per Mercruiser service manual Number 3, page 2A-1:
    8. Support engine with suitable sling thru lifting eyes on engine and remove front and rear engine mounting bolts.
    From Mercruiser:
    Anyone who uses a service procedure and/or tool, which is not recommended by the manufacturer, first must completely satisfy himself that neither his nor the productís safety will be endangered by the service procedure selected.

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    Default Re: How to lift an engine properly?

    i'm sure every boat is different. but on mine...

    only the very back of the engine is inside the boat. starting at about half the leangth of the riser. in my case. i got about an inch of straight up movement before hitting the boat. i raised the engine about half and inch up, then moved the boat back. once the engine was clear of the boat. straight up.. in this particular case. i was only R&Ring the oil pan. so the engine didn't have to come completely out of the boat.

    that red thing sure helped too. i think it's called an engine leveler.. lets you tilt the ft or back of the engine up or down. this tool helped a lot in getting the engine in and out. in especially..
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    Default Re: How to lift an engine properly?

    by whatever means possible in your particular situation. safely!

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