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    Default How do I tighten steering Linkage

    Hi - i have a Donzi 212 bowrider with a 454 Merc and quicksilver - Steering has allot of play and I have to always move steering wheel back and forth to keep boat straight especially going slow
    any idea how to tighten steering up??


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    Default Re: How do I tighten steering Linkage


    There's probably Nothing wrong with the steering,...
    You should look it over anyways,+ Inspect it for Slop in it's connections....

    Have somebody shake the steering wheel maybe a 1/8, or 1/4 turn, back,+ forth,.. While somebodyelse holds the outdrive from Moving... You crawl down into the bilge, up next to the Transom assembley, inspecting the connections from the outer cable housing to it anchor point,+ the inner cable to the tiller , or P/Steering unit, the Tiller's connection to the gimbel, etc...
    Then have the heartbeat shaking the steering wheel, Just Hold the steering wheel, while the other person Shakes the outdrive...
    Inspect All of the connections Again.....

    The most common spot for a Problem is the Tiller to Gimbel point.....

    Oh,... Btw,... Welcome Aboard to the forums here at,...
    Most All V-hulled boats tend to wander at Idle speeds,...
    Just correct less,+ Learn to live with it,...
    It's part of being a Boater,...... That Ain't no Car ya-know.....
    Any Grease is Better,..... Than No Grease at All.......

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