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    Default Homemade gimbal bearing puller

    I would like to show you my homemade gimbal bearing puller. The thread under "sticky" is closed, so I'm starting this new thread.

    It is made of flat metal bar, two long pieces with two short pieces TIG welded perpendicular on the ends. The long pieces serves as "spring-arms". On the other end, two nuts are welded on, to holdt the tool together and to have something to pull by.

    Prior to installation, the "spring-arms" are pressed together and the little grey "hook" is installed, to hold them together.

    The tool is then put through the hole in the bearing and the tension is released by prying the "hook" off, with a screwdriver or similar. If the tool is not inserted deep enough, so the small pieces at the ends, are behind the bearing, it is pushed further in, until it says "click"

    Then you can start pulling, by turning the bolt.
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